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Windows – Fix Windows 10 Activation after Big Hardware Change

Addresses errors 0xC004F211 and 0xC004F213. Open Settings and then Update & Security Go to Activation section Click the Troubleshoot link If you have UAC enabled, click Yes when prompted to do so When the problem detection process completes, select the link saying "I changed hardware on this device recently" Use your credentials and sign in to your linked Microsoft Account Select the device you are currently working on and then click the Activate button Once Windows gets activated, close the…

PowerPoint – Change Fonts on All Slides

You have a PowerPoint presentation where you want to change font from the classic Times New Roman or the default Calibri to something like Tahoma or Bookman Old Style or whatever? Normally you would have to do it manually on tens of slides and for each text box.

Windows – Install and Uninstall Microsoft Apps via PowerShell

As an administrator on your PC you can uninstall most of the built-in apps without a 3rd party application. You can uninstall even some apps that don't offer an Uninstall option. You can also reinstall them via PowerShell, if needed. Similarly you can uninstall any other app you installed from the Microsoft Store.

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