PowerPoint – Change Fonts on All Slides


You have a PowerPoint presentation where you want to change font from the classic Times New Roman or the default Calibri to something like Tahoma or Bookman Old Style or whatever? Normally you would have to do it manually on tens of slides and for each text box.

This consists of 2 steps, one for replacing fonts set by a Slide Master template – which should be most of the presentation’s fonts, and one step for replacing font in all textboxes that were modified manually from the Slide Master preset font.

Step 1. Replacing fonts for content set by Slide Master, eg. for title, subtitle etc.

  • with your PowerPoint presentation open, select the View tab and then click on Slide Master
  • on the left, click on the Slide Master or Layout for which you want fonts changed
  • click inside the textbox of the title or the body text you want to change
  • select the Slide Master tab and click on Fonts
  • select the desired font
  • you should get visual feedback for your changes while hovering over one font or another
  • when you are finished, close Master View and your changes should take effect for the entire presentation

Step 2. Replacing font in the rest of textboxes, the ones that were manually changed

  • with your PowerPoint presentation open, select the Home tab and on the far right side there is a group called Editing.
  • click the small arrow next to Replace, then select Replace Fonts…
  • under Replace select the current font – the one you want to replace
  • under With select the desired font
  • click on the Replace button and wait until the replace takes place – usually the Replace button gets greyed out
  • close the Replace font dialog