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How To Measure Windows Startup Time (and Fix It)

In computer science, speed is always the most important parameter, and it is the one on which software and hardware developers strive to improve their products. Microsoft, for its part, has significantly improved the startup speed of a computer running Windows, particularly when the hardware requirements are met.

Create a Shortcut to Quickly Edit Your Hosts File

Quick and simple fix for hosts file editing issue. Simply configure the attributes of the shortcut to always launch as Administrator and you can modify the file in Notepad. The last step is to create that shortcut so it can be accessed with just one click from the Start Menu, Desktop, or other location of your choice.

Excel – Force Uppercase Text in a Column

Forcing uppercase text in a column is sometimes useful if multiple users work on the same file and you want to make this condition by default. Either show an error when they don't insert UPPERCASE text, either make the text UPPERCASE regardless of how they enter it.

Excel – Create a PERSONAL.XLSB File to Store Macros

If you are using Excel VBA you might know this already. Storing macros that work in any Excel file can be done in 2 ways: Creating a macro enabled binary file (PERSONAL.XLSB) that loads when you open any Excel file. Normally Excel doesn't create that file. Creating an Excel add-in (.XLAM, .XLA for older Excel). This is good when you want to personalize existing Ribbons or create a special Ribbon for yourself. In this tutorial we are going to cover the first way since it's the easiest. I might cover the 2nd in…