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Speed Up Folders with Videos if They Load Slowly

Windows 10 frequently performs optimization in the background and that can cause File Explorer to be slow when loading some folders, for example video folders. If this error occurs when trying to access a specific folder, you might want to change that folder’s optimization. There are 5 simple steps to do this.

Windows 11 – How to get right-click full context menus

In Windows 11, you'll notice a shorter context menu when right-clicking most apps, folders, and other things. It looks beautiful and elegant, but some of your favorite commands and shortcuts may have been relocated out of the primary context menu, especially if they're for third-party apps.

Setting up Windows without a Microsoft account

Microsoft has urged consumers to use their Microsoft account (or create one) when installing Windows or setting up a new device out of the box since Windows 8, much to the chagrin of those who prefer to use a local account that isn't connected to Microsoft's servers. "Internet access and a Microsoft account are required for Windows 11 Home version," Microsoft states in the system requirements.

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