Excel – Formula to Display the Current Worksheet’s Name

You might want to have a title in a Worksheet that includes the worksheet’s name in it, and instead of typing it manually and having to change the title every time you change the worksheet’s name, you can use the following formula to display its name, then use a formula to write the title and include the one below in the title formula.

Sounds complicated, I know, I will give an example.


So here’s how you extract the current Worksheet’s name:


Important: this does not work if the file isn’t saved somewhere, it doesn’t work for a new workbook that doesn’t have a save location (shows #VALUE! error). Save the file first, then the formula will work.


Now to create our title we write the following formula:

=”Company’s sales ” & RIGHT(CELL(“filename”;A1);LEN(CELL(“filename”;A1))-FIND(“]”;CELL(“filename”;A1))) & ” – annual sales analysis”


Changing the name of the sheet changes the title automatically.