Portable Upscayl AI Image Upscaler 2.9.4 + Extra Models



High-resolution displays are becoming more common these days, and in addition to providing a sharper display, the higher pixel density helps to highlight content clarity issues. Upgrading your content to improve its overall presentation on high-resolution screens is a method that is becoming more and more relevant these days, and for good reason.

Upscayl AI Image Upscaler Portable allows users to scale their images without requiring any knowledge of the subject. Just insert your photo into the program and it will start working immediately. Still camera images, as well as digital artwork, are supported photo types, so the software creates a fairly wide net of supported content.

Accessible upscaling

The upscaling engine uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to improve the clarity of your images. The algorithm itself cannot be customized, although two types of scaling are available. One is for general photos, which you can use to enhance your everyday photos, while the other is for sharpening digital artwork. There is no information on the approach of these types, so you are better off choosing the right one for your photo.

The simple interface and lack of options mean that any type of user can use the software to start shrinking their images. Basically, you only have to interact with a few buttons and the program will do the rest.

Hardware is important

It should be mentioned that the program is hardware dependent. A dedicated GPU with Vulkan support is required, so delegating work to the CPU or iGPU won’t work here. If you have an iGPU and want to try the program, the expansion time will be very long.

All in all, Upscayl AI Image Upscaler Portable can make a nice entry into upgrade software: it’s available to everyone and it’s easy. Select an image, relevant scaling type and get started.

What’s Changed:

  • Fix Batch Upscayl scaling bug ⚖️
  • Fix Batch Upscayl hidden files/folders error issue 🙈
  • Add new compression for PNGs, it’ll work way better! 🗜️
  • Compression, Scale, Overwrite and other options now work in real-time! No need to restart Upscayl anymore! 🥳
  • Make the file select dialog only show images 🪭
  • Better logging 🪵
  • Upscayl news delivered right to you 📰
  • Bump sharp from 0.32.5 to 0.32.6
  • Fix a typo on decoding error message


Download Upscayl AI Image Upscaler Portable

Download – 551.9 MB