Portable AudioAlign 1.5.1


AudioAlign Portable has been developed for a research project with the goal to automatically synchronize audio and video recordings, recorded at the same time at the same event, e.g. a speech or a music concert. The idea was to synchronize all those videos taken from the crowd and combine them to

  • generate multicamera cuts by switching between perspectives
  • create videos with full or at least better event coverage
  • replace bad quality audio or video tracks with better ones, or
  • detect interesting moments (where many recordings have been captured at the same time).

AudioAlign Portable can be used for a lot more uses cases though, including

  • video mashups
  • comparison of live performances
  • synchronization of different cover interpretations
  • voice dubbing
  • ground truth creation
  • evaluation of fingerprinting algorithms

Controls & Shortcuts

  • Audio and video files can be drag & dropped into the timeline
    • Multiple files will be added as multiple tracks
    • Hold SHIFT to add the files as a single concatenated track
  • Navigating the multitrack view
    • Click anywhere or drag the caret in the time scale to set the current (playback) position
    • Press SPACE to start/pause playback
    • Vertically drag the bottom of a track to resize its height
    • Scroll the mouse wheel to scale the time resolution (zoom into/out of the timeline) at the current position
      • Hold CTRL to smoothly scroll the timeline
      • Hold CTRL + SHIFT to page through the timeline
    • Select a track by clicking its title bar
      • Hold CTRL to select multiple tracks
      • Hold SHIFT to select a range of tracks
    • Move tracks on the timeline by dragging them horizontally


Download AudioAllign Portable

Download – 48.6 MB