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A versatile speed test tool through which one can evaluate and stress-test their network performance based on their parameters, and much more.

OpenSpeedtest Portable is a cross-platform internet speed test application. So you can test your internet speed in various web browsers within different operating systems without installing any additional apps or plugins (No Flash or Java Need!). That means you can run a broadband speed test through any device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. (Any Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets). When comparing openspeedtest.com with other speed test sites we are using the newest technology available for testing your internet speed. This application is designed for testing any type of connection speed from 1 Kbps to 1 Gbps+.

Our algorithm automatically detects the stable connection speed by running several file download and upload requests from your web browser itself. openspeedtest.com is smart enough to find your internet speed more accurately than ever, Our new algorithm is capable of selecting the best server for you and run a speed test for you and that server. You don’t have to do anything, just click start speed test button and wait a few seconds for the final results. All broadband operators have different plans they gives different speed. Some of them gives constant and stable speed, some of them give good speed at starting and it drops down to a low stable speed.

Most time Unlimited connection having this issue your download starts at very high speed, but after a few seconds it will come down to a low speed but that is stable. Openspeedtest.com is designed for detecting your stable speed not your top speed. Keep in mind most bandwidth demanding applications need stable speed. For example, consider YouTube if you have good top speed and a very low, stable speed your video playback starts buffering after a few seconds.Openspeedtest.com is 100% web browser based speed test applications so our test will help you to select a good browser for faster web browsing

Why speed test using openspeedtest.com is unique?

As we said earlier openspeedtest.com is using its unique algorithm to test your connection speed within your web browser, we are not controlled by any ISP so we can show you exact connection speed in between you and our server. Most alternatives use your isp server itself to test your speed, it is like testing your internet speed in between your device and your router, if you test it will show you the maximum but actually your real speed outside isp is very low.

If you test your speed in most famous speed test site and it shows you 3mbps speed and when you try to watch a YouTube video it starts buffering why? Ok YouTube server may be slow! Here is the very important point when you test your internet speed. Latency is an important factor and you and your isp server in-between latency is very small 3 to 10 ms. But when you are trying to connect a server that is 1000KM away the latency will increase.

If your isp is smart enough to route your connection in a smarter way you will get good results. So a speed test with your isp server does it mean anything until you test your speed with other servers online. Openspeedtest.com will analyse your minimum and maximum latency and calculate your internet speed by using our unique algorithm. That finally gives you the most accurate, stable connection speed.

You can test openspeedtest.com results by running a torrent or downloading a file using any download manager and limit your speed by 50% or whatever you like, then start testing your speed it will show you the exact speed you getting currently that is 1/2 of your speed (if you set 50%). The coolest thing is this application is cross-platform too.

Basic testing
Booting up the tool and operating it isn’t anything complicated. You’ll first have to click on the Start Server button, which will create a server you’ll use for your speed testing. Before doing that, users can specify a port to test on: if you’re unsure about this, it’s best to leave the option untouched.

You’ll then have to open your browser of choice, then navigate to the link specified in the interface. This will take you to the testing interface, where you’ll be able to commence the speed test. The tool behaves pretty much like any web-based speed testing solution out there.

Additional functions
Perhaps what sets this solution apart from the others lies in the additional configuration possibilities. Users have the option to add several commands to the server link to test their connection differently: you can run a stress test for however long you desire, start tests automatically, as well as test across multiple servers at once, modify the number of ping samples for a more accurate result, and many other such options.

Some of the aforementioned options require delving into the Index.html file of the tool, but for a simpler function, adding ?stress=low at the end of the server’s address will run a stress test for your connection. Those with the know-how can also self-host the speed testing process: you’ll need a web server supporting HTTP/1.1 for that. Refer to the developer’s guide to learn more.

Robust testing
OpenSpeedTest is a solution that is both simple to utilize by a casual audience, whilst also offering numerous tools for the more experienced users, making it a quite robust, versatile option for speed testing.


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