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A small but effective program to quickly check the RAM for errors before the warranty expires! Today you buy PCs with 16, 32, 64, 128, … Giga-Bit RAM, but these are usually never used or addressed on most computers. For this reason, you should undergo a test, as long as the warranty does not expire. To make sure that there is no defective area in the main memory that you should use in the future. Or just test your Windows on the high memory behavior to provoke other system errors or so ….

In the eventuality that your computer is crashing a lot lately and is overall unstable, then there is a chance that there may be a problem with the RAM memory. Considering that the memory installed in relatively sensitive, it is a good idea to perform a test for potential errors.

QuickMemoryTestOK  Portable is a lightweight utility designed to help you test the RAM and make sure that there is no defective area. According to the developer, the tool can also be employed to examine the behavior of your PC on high memory usage and determine whether this is a cause of system errors.

Allows you to perform customized tests and monitor behavior with high RAM load

The program comes with a clean and intuitive interface that displays a lot of details about the RAM installed on your system. Therefore, you can find out the type and channels of the memory along with the kernel, physical memory and commit charge for each RAM stick installed.

You can get started by selecting the number of loops the app should be performing and then hitting the Start the Test button located in the upper left area. The default Quick Memory Test setting is displayed by default, but you will be happy to learn that the tool lets you run custom tests. Moreover, you can pause and resume the test to check out how the computer behaves on different memory loads.

A handy tool for testing the RAM memory of new and old computers

It is worth mentioning that the idea behind the app is based on the classic Windows XP performance display in Task Manager. While it is true that RAM is rarely defective to the point of creating random crashes and system errors, it does not hurt to double check and eliminate this as a potential cause.

Regardless of whether you purchased a new computer and want to make sure you do not experience any memory issues in the future or perhaps you want to evaluate your system behavior in high memory usage, QuickMemoryTestOK could come in handy.

QuickMemoryTestOK Key Features:
◆ Memory Quick Test
◆ Pause test to monitor the PC with high RAM load
◆ Customizable test runs
◆ Clear display of memory status
◆ Keep the CPU’s behavior in mind
◆ Access to essential memory and system functions

Other options and specifications:

◆ Zoom: Visually-impaired and eye-friendly
◆ Very small program
◆ Low CPU usage
◆ Optional translation capability
◆ Multilingual


What’s NEW:

 Better memory detection in the Memory Test Tool for Windows operating systems
 General improvements and update of the language files of the Quick Memory Test Tool



Download Memory Test Portable

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