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With the rising amount of data breaches and attempts to analyze user activity, privacy has become a key concern for both businesses and individuals.It takes a long time to delete computer activity logs, but fortunately, there are tools that may help you with this. Glary Tracks Eraser Portable is the name of one of them.

Delete computer activity traces
Glary Tracks Eraser Portable makes it easy for you to delete all traces of your activity, including browser history and cookies, so as to protect your identity and prevent tracking. Not only that your privacy is safeguarded, but you also gain a significant amount of storage space, previously occupied by temporary or unneeded files.

Glary Tracks Eraser Portable uses a powerful scanning engine to study vital regions of your computer in order to locate superfluous files, and it organizes all of its findings.

It returns recently viewed documents, start menu items, a list of remembered searches by Windows, clipboard objects, temporary files, and Recycle Bin information.

You can get rid of these stuff with a single click.

Erase browsing tracks and action logs

Glary Tracks Eraser Portable can look for superfluous files made by common Internet browsers in addition to garbage files created by Windows. As a result, you can use it to clear your browsing history, cookies, form data, Index.dat, and temporary Internet files.

Its capabilities aren’t restricted to Windows and browsers; it works with a variety of programs, including Windows Media Player, Flash Player, Wordpad, RegEdit, and Windows Defender, allowing you to simply delete playback, document, and activity logs.

Securely erase unneeded files to free up space
Glary Tracks Eraser has two main benefits: it enables you to secure your privacy and helps you free up disk space. Traces of your past actions can be deleted with just a few clicks, leaving no footprints for others to discover.



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