Portable Windows Defender Remover 12.6.3




Defender Remover Portable is a small tool that allows you to permanently disable the built-in anti-virus software in Windows. Don’t worry, you can turn it back on if you change your mind.

This application removes / disables Windows Defender, including the Windows Security App, Windows Virtualization-Based Security (VBS), Windows SmartScreen, Windows Security Services, Windows Web-Threat Service, Windows File Virtualization (UAC), Microsoft Defender App Guard, Microsoft Driver Block List, System Mitigations and the Windows Defender page in the Settings App on Windows 10 or later.

Run the tool and choose your options to get started

The app requires no installation or configuration, so download and launch to get started. Due to the nature of the program, it is recommended that you run the program as administrator to avoid any potential errors due to system file changes.

The interface is clear, simple and looks like a console tool where you can select the desired option by typing the corresponding character in it. Following the tool’s instructions, the application will restart your computer and proceed to apply the changes after you select your preferences.

In addition, this tool not only permanently disables Defender, but also handles other related services and processes. More specifically, it also removes Windows Security App, Windows Smart-Screen, Windows Web-Threat Service, Microsoft Defender App Guard, Windows Virtualization-Based Security (VBS), Windows File Virtualization (UAC) and Windows Security Services. Therefore, make sure that you have an alternative form of protection, especially if your computer is connected to the Internet.

A simple solution to disable Windows Defender

It is worth mentioning that you can disable anti-virus software without the help of third-party tools through settings. Again, not many people want to venture down this path, especially since it involves making changes to publishing group policy, which not all of us are comfortable with. roof when performing.

Whether you’re using a different antivirus solution, aren’t satisfied with the protection that Defender offers, or simply don’t like it, you can consider using Defender Remover to permanently disable it. far it.

Release Note:

  • NEW! Replaced PowerRun integration with nSudo for pemission access.
  • NEW! ISO Tool is simplified and complicated (with no .esd file support, for now)
  • NEW! Made Removal of the script efficient
  • added disablation and enablation of Security Health Tray Startup, when the safe method of disable security components.
  • added disabling of FTH (Fault Torelant Heap Mitigation ) disable in remover version
  • added disable/enable of Windows Defender’s Tasks in safe methods.
  • fixes when a bounch of cmds are opened






Download Defender Remover Portable

Download – 464 KB