Portable Cine Encoder 3.5.3 (x64)




Cine Encoder is an application, uses the FFmpeg, MKVToolNix and MediaInfo utilities, that allows to convert media files while preserving HDR metadata. Supported hardware encoding NVENC for codecs H265, H264 and Intel QSV (for Windows and experimental for Linux) for codecs H264, MPEG-2. The following encoding modes are implemented: H265, H264, VP9, MPEG-2, XDCAM, DNxHR, ProRes.

Cine Encoder Portable is an application that allows to convert media files while preserving HDR metadata. NVENC hardware encoding for NVIDIA video cards is also supported for H265 and H264 modes.

Cine Encoder provides a batch video encoder that can process individual and multiple media files, performing conversions without eliminating the original HDR signals. In other words, the HDR metadata can be preserved in the resulting videos.

Supports common video formats

Working with the application is pretty intuitive, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Moreover, the elegant black-themed looks put a lower strain on your eyes.

To populate the list of input files, you just have to browse for videos on your PC. Alternatively, you can drag and drop video files onto the main GUI and the result will be the same. Several common file formats are supported.  The list of files includes information about the type of video, its resolution and FPS rate, its duration and the current location. The conversion status is also displayed.

Editable encoding presets available

Once the list is populated, you can proceed to video encoding. Cine Encoder comes with a generous list of presets that you can use, all with predefined settings for the output. While these presets are already configured and ready to use, please keep in mind that you can also edit any preset to match your preferences. In other words, creating and adding your own presets to use at a later time is possible.

There are several encoding modes available. Cine Encoder supports 8-bit H265 and H264 encoding, NVENC hardware encoding for NVIDIA video cards (H265 and H264 modes), 10-bit AV1 and VP9, DNxHR and ProRes.

Create high-quality videos

Cine Encoder provides a straightforward video encoder that can generate high and studio-quality media files. With a generous number of presets available for instant use, it enables you to convert your files with ease while preserving the original HDR metadata. And, since it comes with an open-source license, it is worth a try.

The following encoding modes are implemented:

  • H265 NVENC (8, 10 bit)
  • H265 (8, 10 bit)
  • H264 NVENC (8 bit)
  • H264 (8 bit)
  • VP9 (8, 10 bit)
  • DNxHR (8, 10 bit)
  • ProRes (10 bit)


What’s NEW:

  • added automatic resizing of the preview image,
  • added graphics effects,
  • improving window resizing,
  • fixed some bugs.



Download Cine Encoder Portable

Download – 36.9 MB