Portable Malware Effects Remediation Tool 3.2




The Malware Effects Remediation Tool is designed to be simple to use. It has a single-window interface with ten different fixes. Each fix has an action button that may be used to apply or launch it. It will alert you via a pop-up warning if you attempt to run a remedy that isn’t appropriate, such as Re-enable Registry. It will also advise you of any needs for the fix to execute successfully, as well as the actions required for a successful fix.

Malware, unfortunately, strikes when you least expect it, and the consequences can take a long time to undo. Not only do you need to restore files and folders from backups, but you also need to correct a variety of problems, and Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool promises to make this process go faster and easier.

A portable fixing solution

To get the most of this utility, you are not required to actually install it on any computer, it can be stored on a removable USB drive and launched whenever you come across a computer that could use some repairs following malware attacks.

Due to this app, you can re-enable some services and processes, as well as reset some other ones so they are no longer affected by the virus infection.

Choose exactly the fixes you need

A great thing about this software solution is that you get complete control over the exact fixes you want to apply, meaning you can repair precisely the problems encountered by your device.

More specifically, Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool makes it easy for you to re-activate Registry Editor, Task Manager, Command Prompt and User Account Control (UAC), as they are usually disabled when malware gets infiltrated.

You can also strip the attribute of ‘critical process’ from various applications, in an attempt to prevent BSOD when the programs are terminated. Moreover, there are also some services you can reset, such as .exe and .txt icons, Shell key or Userinit key.


In a word, the Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool offers an easy-to-use interface for resolving the most frequent difficulties that arise after your PC has been infected with malware.

You could certainly fix these problems on your own, but the GUI provides all of the solutions in one spot, and you don’t even require specialist knowledge.


  • Re-enable Windows Command Prompt
  • Re-enable Windows Task Manager
  • Re-enable Registry Editor
  • Re-enable User Account Control
  • Change .exe default icon
  • Change .txt default icon
  • Reset the Userinit key
  • Reset the Shell key
  • Automatically Repair (WIP)



Download Malware Effects Remediation Tool

Download – 2.6 MB