Portable Kdenlive Video Editor 24.05.0 (x64)



Kdenlive Portable is a powerful and versatile open-source video editing software that allows users to create professional-quality videos on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. It is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced video editors, offering a comprehensive set of features and tools for video editing, audio editing, and visual effects creation.

One of the key advantages of Kdenlive Portable is its portability, which means it can be run directly from a USB drive or other portable storage device without the need for installation on the host computer[2]. This makes it ideal for users who need to edit videos on multiple computers or in different locations, as they can simply carry their Kdenlive Portable installation with them and have access to all their projects and settings wherever they go[2].

Kdenlive Portable is built on the Qt framework and the KDE Frameworks libraries, which provide a stable and efficient foundation for the software[1]. It utilizes the powerful MLT Framework for most of its video processing tasks, which in turn relies on various other open-source projects such as FFmpeg, frei0r, movit, ladspa, and sox[1][4].

The software offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of both beginner and advanced video editors. Some of the key features include:

– Multi-track video editing, allowing users to arrange and work with multiple audio and video tracks simultaneously[1]
– Support for a wide range of audio and video formats, thanks to the integration with FFmpeg libraries[1]
– Configurable interface and keyboard shortcuts, enabling users to customize the software to fit their workflow[1]
– A powerful titling tool for creating 2D titles with advanced features such as alignment, letter-spacing, line-spacing, font selection, color, shadows, outlines, gradients, and text animation[1][4]
– A large selection of video and audio effects, including color correction, audio adjustments, and standard transform options[1]
– Audio and video scopes for monitoring audio levels and checking color balance[1]
– Proxy editing, which allows users to work with low-resolution copies of their source clips for faster editing on less powerful computers[1]
– Automatic backup of project files, ensuring that users can roll back to previous versions if needed[1]
– Online resources for downloading render profiles, wipes, and title templates directly from the interface[1]
– Timeline preview for pre-rendering parts of the timeline to ensure smooth playback, especially when working with high-resolution footage or complex effects[1]
– Keyframeable effects, allowing users to change effect parameters over time using linear or smooth curves[1]
– A flexible theming engine capable of creating a variety of light and dark themes[1]

Kdenlive Portable is licensed under the GNU General Public License, making it free and open-source software[4]. It is developed by a small team of dedicated volunteers from the KDE Community, with contributions from developers around the world[4].

In summary, Kdenlive Portable is a powerful and versatile video editing software that offers a wide range of features and tools for creating professional-quality videos. Its portability makes it ideal for users who need to edit videos on multiple computers or in different locations, while its open-source nature ensures that it is constantly being improved and updated by a dedicated community of developers and users.

Release Notes:

  • Double click to select a track in timeline.
  • Fix sequence clip inserted in another one is not updated if track is locked.
  • Fix duplicating sequence clips.
  • Fix autosave on Windows (and maybe other platforms). .
  • Fix crash on undo sequence close. .
  • Fix wrong FFmpeg chapter export TIMEBASE.
  • Don’t invalidate sequence clip thumbnail on save, fix manually setting thumb on sequence clip. .
  • Fixes for OpenTimelineIO integration. .
  • Don’t add normalizers to timeline sequence thumb producer. .
  • Fix crash undoing an effect change in another timeline sequence. .
  • WHen dragging a new clip in timeline, don’t move existing selection. .
  • Faster sequence switching. .
  • Create sequence thumbs directly from bin clip producer. .
  • Better icon for proxy settings page. .
  • Fix mouse wheel does not scroll effect stack. .
  • Open new bin: only allow opening a folder. .
  • Fix monitor play/pause on click. .
  • Ensure Qtblend is the prefered track compositing option. .
  • Fix thumnbails and task manager crashes. .
  • Various fixes for multiple bin projects. .
  • Fix monitor pan with middle mouse button, allow zoomin until we have 60 pixels in the monitor view.
  • Fix monitor middle mouse pan. .
  • Track compositing is a per sequence setting, correctly handle it. .
  • Fix archive widget showing incorrect required size for project archival. .
  • FIx crash dragging from effect stack to another sequence.
  • Fix typo. .
  • Fix consumer crash on project opening. .
  • Fix copying effect by dragging in project monitor. .
  • Fix crash dropping effect on a track. .
  • Fix duplicating Bin clip does not suplicate effects.
  • Workaround KIO Flatpak crash.
  • Fix effect index broken in effectstack. .
  • Fix double click in timeline clip to add a rotoscoping keyframe breaks effect. .
  • Fix copy/paste rotoscoping effect. .
  • Allow enforcing the Breeze icon theme (disabled by default on all platforms). .
  • Fix effect param flicker on drag. .
  • Fix tests warnings. .
  • Test if we can remove our dark breeze icon theme hack on all platforms with the latest KF changes. .
  • Dont lose image duration when changing project’s framerate.
  • Fix composition move broken in overwrite mode. .
  • Fix opening Windows project files on Linux creates unwanted folders.
  • Audio record: allow playing timeline when monitoring, clicking track rec…
  • Fix compile warnings. .
  • Fix Ctrl+Wheel not working on some effect parameters.
  • On sequence change: correctly stop audio monitoring, fix crash when recording. .
  • Fix Esc key not correctly stopping audio record. .
  • Fix audio rec device selection on Qt5. .
  • Fix Qt5 compilation. .
  • Fix audio capture source not correctly saved / used when changed. .
  • Fix audio mixer initialization. .
  • Fix crash disabling sequence clip in timeline.
  • Minor fixes and rephrasing for render widget duration info. .
  • Adjust timeline clip offset label position and tooltip. .
  • Feat: Implement effect groups. .
  • Windows: disable force breeze icon and enforce breeze theme by default. .
  • Edit clip duration: process in ripple mode if ripple tool is active. .
  • Delay document notes widget initialisation. .
  • Limit the threads to a maximum of 16 for libx265 encoding. .
  • Another round of warning fixes. .
  • Fix Qt6 deprecation warning. .
  • Restore audio monitor state when connecting a timeline. .
  • Work/audio rec fixes. .
  • Cleanup and fix crash dragging a bin clip effect to a timeline clip. .
  • Add close bin icon in toolbar, reword open new bin. .
  • Correctly ensure all Bin Docks have a unique name, add menu entry in Bin to create new bin. .
  • Fix a few Project Bin regressions. .
  • Remove unused parameter. .
  • Add multi-format rendering. .
  • Fix crash opening a file on startup. .
  • New camera proxy profile for Insta 360 AcePro. .
  • Fix slip tool. .
  • Qt6 Audio recording fixes. .
  • MLT XML concurrency issue: use ReadWriteLock instead of Mutex for smoother operation. .
  • Rename View menu “Bins” to “Project Bins” to avoid confusion, don’t set same name for multiple bins. .
  • Add tooltip to channelcopy effect. .
  • Fix crash after save in sequence thumbnails.
  • Remove last use of dropped icon. .
  • Use default breeze icon for audio (fixes mixer widget using all space). .
  • Additional filters for file pickers / better way of handling file filters. .
  • [nightly flatpak] Fix build. .
  • Use default breeze icon for audio. .
  • Fix possible crash on closing app just after opening. .
  • Fix startup crash when pressing Esc. .
  • Fix effects cannot be enabled after saving with disable bin/timeline effects.
  • Audio recording implementation for Qt6. .
  • Fix tests. .
  • Fix guides list widget not properly initialized on startup. .
  • Fix Bin initialized twice on project opening causing various crashes.
  • Fix crashes on insert/overwrite clips move. .
  • Fix clips and compositions not aligned to track after spacer operation. .
  • Fix spacer crash with compositions. .
  • Fix spacer crash with guides, small optimization for group move under timeline cursor. .
  • Correctly delete pluggable actions. .
  • Fix dock action duplication and small mem leak. .
  • View menu: move bins and scopes in submenus. .
  • Ensure autosave is not triggered while saving. .
  • Store multiple bins in Kdenlive Settings, remember each bin type (tree or icon view). .
  • Code cleanup: move subtitle related members from timelinemodel to subtitlemodel. .
  • Faster spacer tool. .
  • Fix tab order of edit profile dialog. .
  • Fix blurry folder icon with some project profiles. .
  • Fix spacer tool with compositions and subtitles (broken by last ). .
  • Make spacer tool faster. .
  • Monitor: add play zone from cursor.
  • Improve AV1 NVENC export profile. .
  • Translate shortcut too. .
  • Require at least MLT 7.22.0. .
  • Use proper method to remove ampersand accel. .
  • Drop code duplicating what KAboutData::setApplicationData() & KAboutData::setupCommandLine() do. .
  • Fix possible crash when quit just after starting. .
  • Fix crash in sequence clip thumbnails.
  • Fix recent not allowing to open project file. .
  • Go back to previous hack around ECM issue. .
  • Restore monitor in full screen if they were when closing Kdenlive.
  • When opening an unrecoverable file, don’t crash but propose to open a backup. .
  • Ensure we never reset the locale while an MLT XML Consumer is running (it caused data corruption).
  • Fix: favorite effects menu not refreshed when a new effect is set as favorite. .
  • Rotoscoping: add info about return key. .
  • Fix: Rotoscoping not allowing to add points close to bottom of the screen. .
  • Fix: Rotoscoping – allow closing shape with Return key, don’t discard initial shape when drawing it and seeking in timeline.
  • Srt_equalizer: drop method that is only available in most recent version. .
  • Fix: Speech to text, allow optional dependencies (srt_equalizer), fix venv not correctly enabled on first install and some packages not installing if optional dep is unavailable. .
  • Update and improve build documentation for Qt6. .
  • Add test for latest cut crash. .
  • Update Readme to GitLab CD destination. .
  • Check if KDE_INSTALL_DIRS_NO_CMAKE_VARIABLES can be disabled (we still have wrong paths in Windows install). .
  • Fix: cannot revert letter spacing to 0 in title clips.
  • Audio Capture Subdir. .
  • Feat: filter avfilter.fillborders add new methods for filling border. .
  • [nightly flatpak] Use the offical Qt6 runtime. .
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. .
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. .
  • Add .desktop file. .
  • Updated icons and appdata info for Flathub. .
  • Fix whisper model size unit. .
  • Don’t seek timeline when hover timeline ruler and doing a spacer operation. .
  • Improve install steps for SeamlessM4t, warn user of huge downloads. .
  • Initial implementation of subtitles translation using SeamlessM4T engine. .
  • Make whisper to srt script more robust, use kwargs. .
  • Block Qt5 MLT plugins in thumbnailer when building with Qt6.
  • [CD] Restore use of normal Appimage template after testing. .
  • Fix CI/CD. .
  • [CD] Disable Qt5 jobs. .
  • Speech to text: add a link to models folder and display their size in settings. .
  • Whisper: allow setting a maximum character count per subtitle (enabled by default). .
  • Enforce proper styling for Qml dialogs. .
  • Add missing license info. .
  • Allow customizing camcorder proxy profiles.
  • Don’t move dropped files in the audio capture folder. .
  • Don’t Highlight Newly Recorded Audio in the Bin. .
  • Show whisper output in speech recognition dialog. .
  • Ensure translated keyframe names are initialized after qApp. .
  • Don’t call MinGW ExcHndlInit twice. .
  • Fix extern variable triggering translation before the QApplication was created, breaking translations. .
  • Fix bin thumbnails for missing clips have an incorrect aspect ratio. .
  • Add Bold and Italic attributes to subtitle fonts style. .
  • Warn on opening a project with a non standard fps.
  • Refactor keyframe type related code. .
  • Set Default Audio Capture Bin. .
  • Fix python package detection, install in venv. .
  • Try to fix Mac app not finding its resources. .
  • Another attempt to fix appimage venv. .
  • Add test for nested sequences corruption.
  • Show blue audio/video usage icons in project Bin for all clip types. .
  • Org.kde.kdenlive.appdata: Add developer_name. .
  • Fix compilation warnings. .
  • Better feedback message on failed cut. .
  • Set default empty seek duration to 5 minutes instead of 16 minutes on startup to have a more usable scroll bar. .
  • [Craft macOS] Try to fix signing. .
  • [Craft macOS] Remove config for signing test. .
  • Add some debug output for Mac effect drag crash. .
  • Effect stack: don’t show drop marker if drop doesn’t change effect order. .
  • Try to fix crash dragging effect on Mac. .
  • Another try to fix monitor offset on Mac. .
  • Don’t display useless link when effect category is selected. .
  • Add comment on MLT’s manual build. .
  • Add basic steps to compile MLT. .
  • Blacklist MLT Qt5 module when building against Qt6. .
  • Fix Qt5 startup crash. .
  • Refactor project loading message. .
  • More rebust fix for copy&paste between sequences. .



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