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In Fractal Audio’s world of advanced amp modeling, many musicians recognize the importance of impulse response (“IR”). IR can be thought of as “capturing” sound – essentially a “frequency fingerprint” of sound over time. Fractal Audio is the first company to enable installable IR in a guitar product to reproduce the sound of a speaker mic, setting a new industry standard. Suddenly, guitarists could encapsulate the essence of a speaker cabinet in a portable format, enhancing both studio recording and live performance capabilities.

Now Cab-Lab 4 with DynaCab™ makes getting great sound faster, easier, more intuitive and more fun, allowing you to customize and mix your IRs yourself.

For decades, guitarists and audio specialists have carefully selected, positioned, and matched microphones on guitar speakers in pursuit of exceptional sound. Now you can do the same thing and it’s easier than ever. With Cab-Lab 4, you get a 4-channel IR mixer, plus tools for EQ, alignment, and more. so you can select, position, and mix microphones while listening in real time. Meanwhile, new DynaCab technology makes audio processing easier than ever, eliminating the need to screen countless individual IRs. In fact, Cab-Lab 4’s DynaCab system offers even more resolution and flexibility than our hardware products, with 360° positioning at different distances, the ability to select Additional microphones and more. The best part is that Cab-Lab is now FREE!

Cab-Lab 4 supports our latest DynaCab packages, as well as traditional single IRs, whether from older Fractal Audio cab packages or from third party manufacturers. Cab-Lab gives you the tools you need to create your own signature sound, delivering the high-quality results you expect from Fractal Sound Systems.

Fractal Cab-Lab Portable is a revolutionary software designed to transform your audio experience by providing cutting-edge cabinet simulation capabilities. With its advanced algorithms and unparalleled sound quality, this software offers musicians, audio engineers, and enthusiasts an immersive and realistic virtual cabinet simulation solution. Whether you are a professional guitarist, a studio engineer, or a passionate music lover, Fractal Cab-Lab Portable is an essential tool for crafting the perfect tone and unleashing the full potential of your sound.

Unmatched Cabinet Simulation:

At the heart of Fractal Cab-Lab Portable lies its unparalleled cabinet simulation technology. This software accurately captures the complex characteristics and tonal nuances of real-world guitar cabinets, enabling users to recreate the authentic sound of playing through a physical cabinet. With a vast library of meticulously captured and emulated cabinets, Fractal Cab-Lab Portable offers an extensive range of sonic possibilities, allowing users to experiment with different cabinet configurations, microphone placements, and speaker combinations to achieve their desired sound.

Intuitive Interface and Workflow:

Fractal Cab-Lab Portable boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. The software provides a comprehensive set of controls and parameters, allowing users to fine-tune their cabinet simulations with ease. From adjusting microphone position and angle to tweaking EQ settings and adding post-processing effects, every aspect of the virtual cabinet can be precisely tailored to meet the user’s preferences. Fractal Cab-Lab Portable’s intuitive interface empowers users to focus on their creativity and achieve their desired sound without any technical limitations.

Impressive Customization Options:

One of the standout features of Fractal Cab-Lab Portable is its extensive customization options. Users can not only choose from a vast selection of pre-built cabinet simulations but also create their own unique cabinet configurations. The software offers a powerful cabinet editor, allowing users to mix and match different speakers, cabinets, microphones, and more to create their dream cabinet setup. This level of customization ensures that musicians and engineers can achieve their desired tone and experiment with new and exciting sonic possibilities.

Realistic Microphone Placement:

Fractal Cab-Lab Portable revolutionizes the way microphone placement is approached in cabinet simulation. The software emulates the behavior of real microphones, allowing users to move and position them in relation to the cabinet, just like in a physical recording environment. This realistic microphone placement capability adds another layer of authenticity to the sound, enabling users to simulate the nuances of different microphone types, positions, and angles. With Fractal Cab-Lab Portable, users can achieve studio-quality recordings and capture the essence of their favorite guitar tones with remarkable precision.

Seamless Integration and Versatility:

Fractal Cab-Lab Portable seamlessly integrates with a variety of hardware and software platforms, making it a versatile tool for different applications. Whether you are using it as a standalone software or integrating it into your existing digital audio workstation (DAW), Fractal Cab-Lab Portable ensures compatibility and ease of use. The software supports popular plugin formats and is compatible with various operating systems, ensuring that users can incorporate it into their preferred setup effortlessly.

Advanced Signal Processing:

Fractal Cab-Lab Portable goes beyond basic cabinet simulation, offering a range of advanced signal processing features to enhance and shape the sound further. Users can apply post-processing effects such as EQ, compression, delay, and reverb to their cabinet simulations, adding depth, character, and ambiance to their sound. With Fractal Cab-Lab Portable, musicians and engineers have access to a comprehensive suite of tools to fine-tune their recordings, achieve professional-grade results, and push the boundaries of their creativity.


In conclusion, Fractal Cab-Lab Portable sets a new standard for cabinet simulation software, empowering musicians, audio engineers, and enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of their sound. With its unmatched cabinet simulation capabilities, intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and realistic microphone placement, this software offers an immersive and authentic experience. Whether you are recording in a professional studio, performing live on stage, or simply enjoying music at home, Fractal Cab-Lab Portable is an essential tool for achieving the perfect tone and elevating your audio experience to new heights.



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