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Microsoft Teams Portable (also known simply as Teams) is a unified communications and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video conferencing, file storage (including file collaboration), and application integration. This service integrates with the Office productivity suite in your Office 365 subscription and offers enhanced capabilities that integrate with non-Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams is a competitor to services like Slack and the evolution and upgrade path of Microsoft Skype for Business.

The best thing about Microsoft Teams Portable is that it is fully integrated with various other useful Microsoft services. For example, all Office related files, Skype video and audio calls, OneDrive, Power BI and Planner are supported.

A modern-looking, easy-to-use, and well-documented collaboration app

Microsoft Teams Portable provides users with a highly functional and business-like collaboration environment. Microsoft has been careful to strike a balance between functionality and user accessibility.

Sure, the app offers a lot of useful features, but what’s most impressive is that you don’t feel attacked by these features. All tools and functions are clearly laid out, unobtrusive and always at hand. It’s worth noting that you get a comprehensive (and highly interactive) documentation section, courtesy of T-Bot.

A powerful app with a focus on collaboration and accessibility

There are 5 sections that are self-explanatory.
Activities, chats, teams, meetings, and files are all neatly organized using tabs. Everything you need for your collaboration and chat application is here. Team meetings are easy to start and manage, and can be organized by topic, project, or other parameters.

All team members have access to files, websites, notes, and chat. The activity area acts as your personal “newsfeed” and is where you see all your likes, mentions, and other types of posts. You can also track your daily tasks, map out your meetings, and easily access all your files from your OneDrive Business account. Microsoft’s response to Slack and HipChat is noteworthy.

Overall, Microsoft has done a great job with this first public release of Microsoft Teams. Definitely a great solution for business chat and collaboration with useful tools, bots and great Office and Skype integration.

Microsoft Teams Portable is built so solidly around Office 365 that if you first thought it wouldn’t offer a high degree of “integration freedom” (like it does with HipChat or Slack) think about it Office 365 has an overwhelming number of active his users (at least 10x more than him in any collaboration app), is used by most Microsoft services, and now all users are custom his made I have been given the opportunity to use a collaboration app. you have to pay extra.






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