Portable Simple Video Cutter 0.31.0



Assume you have dozens of files and hours of video footage (videos from your vacations, material copied from your action camera or a drone etc.). Only a small fraction of this material is usually worth saving.

So you want to go over everything and pull the most interesting/best sections into separate videos? (and store them in your archive or publish on YouTube, TikTok etc.). This is when the video-cutter-simple utility comes in handy.

It allows you to easily go through your films, preview them, and extract the bits you want into separate video files. The primary objective is to make this procedure as efficient as feasible.

The most correct name in the software world is Simple Video Cutter Portable. This small program allows you to cut films in the most time-efficient and straightforward way imaginable. It would be extremely useful for people who need to handle a large number of clips in a short amount of time.

Works with FFmpeg
With the help of the powerful FFmpeg, Simple Video Cutter removes chunks of videos. The program allows a straight installation for FFmpeg (no worries…included) it’s to save you time.

Queue tasks to avoid idle times
To start the app, drag & drop clips into the playback area. To isolate a video portion, place markers on specific frames. Set Start while a clip is playing to add the first selection marker to the timeline bar. The component that is extracted is determined by landing the second marker. You can play that selected area, clear the selection, and zoom in and out of the timeline.

If you don’t feel very accurate adding markers in full playback, you can slow everything down to a frame. Click on the Next Frame button to roll the frames at your pace and mark the cuts with utmost precision.

Recoding or lossless
The application will give you a choice of cutting types before getting to the choppy part. One can opt for a lossless cut, which keeps the quality of the original file, or recoding, which, unlike lossless, can cut between keyframes but is slower and is dependent on the machine’s capabilities. In this scenario, lossless appears to be the best option.

To conclude, Simple Video Cutter was designed with a single purpose in mind, and that is trimming videos down as quickly and as simply as possible. In essence, the utility is a workhorse, but it can also be precise.

How to use Simple Video Cutter


  • Open a video file
  • The video playback starts automatically; press space to pause/resume (or click in the video area)
  • You can navigate back and forth through video using timeline control at the botom of the screen. Use mouse wheel (with control key pressed) to zoom in and out the timeline. Mouse wheel without control key scrolls the timeline forward and backward. Press shift key for even faster scrolling/zooming.
  • Select a position and press [ (or click the corresponding button) to mark start of your cut
  • Press ] to mark end of your cut
  • You can also use mouse middle button to mark your start / end of your cut
  • Multiple cuts are supported!
  • Watch out for key frames – read more here
  • Press E (or click ‘Enqueue’ button) to add task to the queue. Selected portion of the video will be extracted (with help of FFmpeg) and saved in a new file(s).
  • You can inspect pending and running tasks in the tasks list area. Tasks are processed automatically and disappear once completed. Feel free to open next file (and add next tasks) while task is still in progress – they do not interfere with each other and just queue up.
  • Use Previous / Next buttons to quickly open next or previous file in the same directory.



In the settings window you can adjust some options, especially directory and filename pattern of the output files. Supported variables are:

  • {FileName} – name of the input video file (with extension)
  • {FileNameWithoutExtension} – name of the input video file (without extension)
  • {FileExtension} – extension of the input video file (with dot)
  • {FileDate} – last modification date of the input file (in format yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmss)
  • {Timestamp} – current timestamp (in format yyyyMMddHHmmss)
  • {UserVideos} – shortcut for Environment.SpecialFolder.MyVideos
  • {UserDocuments} – shortcut for Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments
  • {MyComputer} – shortcut for Environment.SpecialFolder.MyComputer
  • {SameFolder} – allows to save files in same folder when original video file is located



Download Simple Video Cutter Portable

Uploadrar – 204.6 MB
RapidGator – 204.6 MB