Right-Click “Open with Notepad”



The default method of opening unknown files is to see a list of known applications already installed on our PC. Unfortunately we usually do not know which is the most appropriate program to open a certain file, in other cases notepad is sufficient, as in the case of text or backup files. For this reason it is convenient to have on the contextual menu, that is the one that opens when you click the right mouse button, the item “Open with Notepad”

If you want to open a file type not registered with Notepad, you have to click through several options to make it happen. This can be a hassle, so why not add an “Open with Notepad” option right on your context menu?

Although there is a manual procedure that involves editing the Windows registry, we have a handy registry file that you can import and that works with all versions of Windows.


Download Open with Notepad Right-Click Registry Tweak