Portable DISMTools v0.5



The DISMTools are a comprehensive set of options for editing a WIM/ISO file or a running system. You can use it to uninstall applications, add driver packages or tools and more.DISMTools is a front-end for DISM, which stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management.

DISM: It’s a tool used to service and repair Windows images. This includes the Windows Recovery Environment, Windows Setup, and Windows PE (WinPE). You can also use DISM to repair the local Windows image on your computer.

DISMTools: It’s a user-friendly interface that lets you manage your Windows Imaging (WIM) files and more. It simplifies tasks related to Windows system administration. So, if you need to work with Windows images, DISMTools can be quite handy.

Key features

Working with projects

Inspired by Visual Studio, DISMTools is the first project-based GUI. Projects store the mounted image and unattended answer files you want to apply (using the command line at this time), while also providing a scratch directory for temporary operations.

DISMTools projects are also tiny when you create them, and contain a structure that is easy to navigate.

The program also supports setting and removing file associations for projects with the click of a button (only on portable installations), so you can load your projects instantly by double-clicking them. You can also copy your installed deployment tools to your projects, allowing you to use those anywhere you take them.

Manage your active installation, or installations on any drive

With the online and offline installation management modes, you can easily manage any installation of a modern Windows version.

Compatibility and performance go hand in hand

Unlike other user interfaces for DISM that use either the DISM API or the DISM executable, DISMTools uses both, providing great performance to get the information you want from your images and installations quickly, and compatibility, allowing you to use any version of the DISM program, ranging from the Windows 7 version all the way up to the latest versions in Windows 10 and 11, so that your existing command-line workflows are not affected when you move to the graphical interface.

Supported actions

The following actions are supported by DISMTools:

  • Image management
    • WIM/SWM/ESD file application
    • Image capture
    • Image commits
    • Volume image removal (removal of unnecessary Windows editions)
    • Image mounting and unmounting
    • Image servicing session reloads
    • Image index switches
    • WIM -> ESD and viceversa conversion
    • SWM file merger
    • Component cleanup
    • Image splitting
    • Appending changes to Windows images
    • Exporting Windows images to new image files
  • OS packages and features
    • Package addition and removal
    • Feature enablement and disablement
  • AppX package servicing
    • Application addition and removal
  • Capabilities
    • Capability addition and removal
  • Drivers
    • Driver addition and removal
  • Provisioning packages
    • Add provisioning packages to an image
  • Other
    • Get complete information of an image
    • Using the project’s or program’s scratch directory
    • Get information of packages, features, AppX packages, capabilities, and drivers
    • Configure Windows PE settings
    • Basic automation



Download DISMTools Portable

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