Comodo Rescue Disk 2022 v2.0.261647.1




Rescue disks are usually fit for situations when an infected PC cannot be cleaned by regular means, such as an antivirus scan or a dedicated removal tool. Designed by one of the most popular security companies, Comodo Rescue Disk is designed to allow the scan of an entire system and the removal of potential threats before booting into the installed operating system.

Create a bootable image to load the rescue disk

Like most rescue disk applications, Comodo Rescue Disk comes as an ISO image file that can be deployed on an external drive using a dedicated image mounting application.

Upon computer start, the user has to boot into Comodo Rescue Disk to be able to use it and initiate a scan for the local operating system, no matter the flavor (Windows or Linux).

Simple options in text mode to manage malicious items and scans

Talking about the interface, you should keep in mind that there are two different starting modes for Comodo Rescue Disk, namely a graphic one and a text one. The difference between them is obvious but, in essence, the functionality is identical.

In text mode, all the options are displayed in a standard list, allowing users to control the navigation using the keyboard. Before starting, it is advisable to configure the network connection and go through the options to customize the way the system is analyzed.

Performs fast or in-depth scans to find suspicious activity

Comodo Rescue Disk can run smart, full, or custom scans, each with its own disadvantages and perks. The detection algorithm tries to find changes in the system’s MBR that might seem suspicious and can be configured to analyze archives.

Comodo Rescue Disk also comes with a heuristics scanner and logging capabilities. Items that are considered dangerous can be easily sent to the quarantine.

Launch malware scans before booting to the OS

The utmost feature of Comodo Rescue Disk is that it allows users to launch antivirus scans in a pre-boot stage. In other words, it attempts to clean the system before the operating system loads. Thus, it can also be used in cases when the infection is preventing the OS from booting.

CRD is a bootable disk image that allows users to run virus scans in a pre-boot environment. It is a powerful virus, spyware, and rootkit cleaner which works in both GUI and text mode. CRD can provide a more comprehensive and thorough scan than regular malware cleaning applications because it cleans your system before Windows is loaded.

CRD is intended to be used when malware embeds itself so deeply into your system that regular AV software cannot remove it. The rescue disk is also very effective at removing infections that are preventing Windows from booting in the first place. Apart from the virus scanner, CRD also provides tools to explore files in your hard drive, take screenshots and browse web pages.

• Boot disk that runs Comodo Cleaning Essentials virus scanner in a pre-boot environment.
• Includes full AV scanning engine capable of removing rootkits embedded so deeply they cannot be removed with CCE for Windows.
• Automatically downloads latest virus signatures prior to executing scan for maximum security.
• Perfect for ensuring computers are totally clean of threats when troubleshooting problems or setting up a secure network of endpoints.
• Also includes tools that allow you to explore files, take screenshots and browse the internet.
• No installation required – runs directly from USB or CD.



Download Comodo Rescue Disk

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