Portable Winpilot 2024.6.1



This debloater for Windows 11 can help clean up your machine and disable the redundant features of Microsoft’s new OS, while also featuring some additional tools for convenience.

Analyzes your system
Before coming up with any suggestions, the software will first run a system analysis to look for anything odd. This should take a minute at most, and the resulting suggestions will be based on your configuration. What helps is that the software assigns a priority rating to each of its suggestions, which can help users ascertain whether a fix is worth applying.

As usual, these fixes are varied in nature. Whether they’re with regard to your Explorer, Desktop, Taskbar, Privacy, and other such categories, everything is compartmentalized so that it’s easier to get an idea on the fixes that are worth prioritizing in your use cases.

Also features a few additional nice-to-haves
Through InstaPackage, users can easily install a few essential programs for their machine. Think of this as a good way to install software after a fresh Windows install: the list of available software is generous enough to get you started off on the right foot. Simply select the packages you wish to install, and the tool will handle the rest.

In addition, BloatFinder can help you dispense with other elements from your system you might find irrelevant or undesirable. These include default Windows apps that you may never use, such as YourPhone, the Xbox app, and so on.

Clippits, aka Clippy’s legacy, now lives on in Winpilot. It was inevitable, Microsoft betrayed Clippy, and now we’re bringing him back.

But what exactly does the Winpilot app do, and why is Clippy on board? It all started with the spin-off of the predecessor project Bloatynosy to BloatynosyAI. I know, the app names are quirky and fun (hence the name change to Winpilot), but with the latter app, I hopped on the AI train and wanted to create the first tool of its kind—besides Copilot (even though it can barely handle any meaningful Windows management functions)—which can intelligently assist us in Windows and even take over certain functions (The AI story got too bloated and convoluted, so I ditched it). For this, I needed a mascot, an assistant to interact with the user. Clippy seemed to be just the right fit for this, as he somehow annoyed most people back in his day, and nowadays, he isn’t associated with much positivity. That’s the whole point of the story—putting Clippy into a debloating/tweaking app, which is a bit of revenge against Microsoft and maybe now contributes some valuable additions to the W11 OS to somewhat restore its honor.

The rights to Clippit still belong to Microsoft (copyright notice is set in the app), even though when we talk about Clippy here, specifically in Winpilot, we mean NeoClippy.

So what can Winpilot (including NeoClippy) really do for you?

Winpilot can spare you from advertising pop-ups in the W11 UI, optimize your privacy, system, and gaming settings, including those of your Legion GO or Rog Ally, and assist you in removing unnecessary apps.

(Neo)Clippy in Winpilot can also be used to change various settings and access various pieces of system information.

Windows-specific features

  • Ask to add a device
  • Ask to add Microsoft Account
  • Ask to backup
  • Ask to take a screenshot
  • Ask to change your background image
  • Ask for system (winver) or device information
  • Ask to clean storage
  • Ask to empty recycle bin
  • Ask to show startup apps
  • Ask for your IP address
  • Ask to install apps
  • Ask to uninstall apps
  • Ask to uninstall Microsoft Software
  • Ask to remove bloatware
  • Intelligent “AI” driven bloatware detection
  • Set up Privacy options
  • Search for AI/Copilot features on Windows
  • Turn off AI/Copilot features
  • Ask to toggle dark/light theme
  • Ask to snap a window
  • Ask to run Windows updates
  • Ask to run quick scan in Windows Security/Defender
  • Ask to control options (like taskbar) directly. Turn widgets on and off, arrange taskbar icons, etc.
  • Ask to reset system
  • Ask to show available space
  • Ask to show processes with high RAM usage
  • Access to third party plugins and scripts, like Chris Titus app
  • Chat with Microsoft Copilot
  • Ask to restart Windows Explorer and Taskbar
  • Ask to run vive tool feature configurations (static)

You can use these skills via a type prompt in Winpilot, such as “toggle dark theme” or “uninstall apps or bloatware”; Winpilots Assistant Clippy will take the appropriate action and confirm completion.

Download Winpilot Portable

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