Portable Windows Memory Cleaner 2.8



This is a RAM cleaner. There are times when programs do not release the memory they used, making the machine slow, but you don’t want to restart the system to get the used memory back. This is where you use Windows Memory Cleaner Portable to clean your memory, so you can carry on working without wasting time restarting your Windows.

Memory Areas

  • Combined Page List – Flushes the blocks from the combined page list effectively only when page combining is enabled
  • Modified Page List – Flushes memory from the modified page list, writing unsaved data to disk and moving the pages to the standby list
  • Processes Working Set – Removes memory from all user-mode and system working sets and moves it to the standby or modified page lists. Note that by the time processes run, any code will necessarily populate their working sets to do so
  • Standby List – Flushes pages from all standby lists to the free list
  • Standby List (Low Priority) – Flushes pages from the lowest-priority standby list to the free list
  • System Working Set – Removes memory from the system cache working set


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Processes excluded from optimization

  • You can build a list of processes to ignore when memory is optimized

Optimization hotkey (Global)

  • CTRL + ALT + M (Customizable) – Optimize


  • Always on top – Pins the window to the top of all your windows
  • Auto update – Keeps the app up to date
  • Close after optimization – Closes the app after optimization
  • Close to the notification area – Minimize the app to the system tray when clicking the close (X) button
  • Run on low priority – It limits the app resource usage by reducing the process priority and ensuring it runs efficiently. It might increase the optimization time, but it helps if your Windows freezes during it
  • Run on startup – Runs the app after the system boots up. It creates an entry on Windows Task Scheduler and Windows Registry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinMemoryCleaner
  • Show optimization notifications – Sends a message to the notification area after optimization. It includes the approximate memory released
  • Show virtual memory – It also monitors the virtual memory usage
  • Start minimized – The app will start minimized to the system tray. Single-click on the icon to restore

Windows Memory Cleaner Portable Release Note:

  • Added optimization progress bar to the optimize button
  • Improved auto-update task
  • Improved code & UI
  • Improved memory usage tray icon




Download Windows Memory Cleaner Portable

Download – 294 KB