Portable Telegram Desktop 5.0.4



Telegram Desktop Portable is a powerful, cross-platform messenger app that enables you to get in touch with other users without worrying about data interception and stealing. Focusing on security, it encrypts all conversations and shared files and stores them in the cloud, allowing fast synchronizations and quick access to the message database from anywhere in the world.

The first thing you’ll have to do to start using Telegram for Desktop is to pair it with your cell phone. Once you do, you’ll be able to chat with all your Telegram contacts, continuing conversations on the computer that were originally started on the phone, and even using the computer to view photos that have been shared with you.

The only thing you can’t use Telegram for Desktop for is continuing a private conversation, since they are strictly limited to the phone, in order to provide greater security.

Telegram for Desktop has a clean and accessible interface, so communicating with all your contacts couldn’t be easier. Just click on their name and you can start chatting in the same window. Fast and easy.

A more secure alternative to other messaging apps

Deploying versions for all major mobile platforms like Android, iOS (known as Telegram Messenger) and Windows Phone, but also desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux), Telegram Desktop becomes a good alternative to other more popular messaging programs, such as WhatsApp, currently available exclusively on mobile platforms.

As mentioned above, the plus it brings is improved security, putting privacy above everything else. Messages you send via Telegram Desktop are automatically encrypted before they are stored online.

Send broadcasts and share files

Telegram Desktop features an intuitive interface that encases a list of your contacts and displays the conversation with each. In order to create your account, you will be prompted to enter your name and provide a valid mobile phone number, which is used for generating a security code.

Users can create groups comprising up to 200 contacts and broadcast messages to a maximum of 100 people that are using Telegram, regardless of the platform of their choice.

The application features desktop notifications for incoming messages and supports file and photo sending, ensuring compatibility with any format, be it documents, archives, music files or pictures. And like in any messaging application out there, conversations can be enriched using various funny emoticons.

A secure and user-friendly messaging app

Relying on the advanced security protocols, Telegram Desktop delivers a messaging application that is worth trying, at least.

Not only that your messages are protected at all times, but you can easily access them from any mobile or desktop device, no matter where you are.

What’s NEW:

  • Fix reply to last message by Ctrl+Up in topics.
  • Some other bug fixes.



Download Telegram Desktop Portable

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