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Windows Shortcuts Collection to Boost Your Productivity

If your day-to-day work involves a lot of Windows, keyboard shortcuts can help you get more done. They not only complete the work swiftly, but they also increase efficiency. Give them a shot, and you could just become addicted to keyboard shortcuts.

4 Windows Hacks to make your life easier

With so many people using Microsoft Windows in all of its forms around the world, it's no surprise that there are a lot of tips, tricks, and hacks you may not be aware of. We've listed 4 of our favorite tips and methods for making Windows function better for you.

9 Windows 11 Hidden Features

It's an excellent time to understand some of Windows' productivity capabilities, whether you're using your computer for work or personal reasons. From creating Taskbar shortcuts to conserving battery life, these built-in features can assist you.

Portable ThisIsWin11 v1.1.170

ThisIsWin11 is a new third-party tool that allows you to customize Windows 11 with tweaks similar to PowerToys. ThisIsWin11 is a small tool created with the purpose of getting to know the functionality of the new version of the operating system, which now integrates numerous tweaks for Windows 11. It lets you make various configuration changes, remove items and automate tasks with just a few clicks and without carrying out complicated procedures.

Portable Tweakeze 2.07.1167

Tweakeze Portable monitors any changes made in your Microsoft Windows file systems and Registry databases and more. Tweakeze (Tweak Easy) is designed to monitor your machine in real-time and execute pre-defined or custom scripting actions when these events happen. It also includes several junk cleaning options to round its feature set out. You can create custom watchers specifying the triggers, like when an executable starts/stops.

Windows – Install and Uninstall Microsoft Apps via PowerShell

As an administrator on your PC you can uninstall most of the built-in apps without a 3rd party application. You can uninstall even some apps that don't offer an Uninstall option. You can also reinstall them via PowerShell, if needed. Similarly you can uninstall any other app you installed from the Microsoft Store.