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Stop Resetting My Apps Portable can stop Windows 10 from resetting apps which can happen after Windows Update or even a large update to Microsoft Edge, Photos or Groove Music. If you’ve ever have updated Windows or the default apps, you know the drill. All of a sudden your favorite web browser, email client, graphics viewer or music program is no longer the default app as you wanted. Stop Resetting My Apps does not affect the functionality of those apps. The apps you choose are not listed on the OpenWith menu or the Default apps Windows settings section.

Blocked apps will have a red stop sign icon next to each tile. You can easily check or uncheck with the click of a mouse. During testing, it only allowed me to block Edge on my work computer however everything worked in VMware. Stop Resetting My Apps is a portable application. Just double-click on StopResettingMyApps.exe, make any changes and you can delete it when finished. Either save the program until you’re sure you’re happy with your settings or download it again later to change anything.

Stop Resetting My Apps is a tool specially design to prevent a common Windows 10 mishap, namely the random and periodic resetting of the default applications following an update. Not only does this make you waste a lot of time, but it can also be quite irritating due to the changes in file associations.

Includes details and instructions in the interface

The program does not require installation and you can start using it as soon as you download it to your computer. The app comes with a single-window interface that is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate, in spite of the fact that it is not exactly a looker.

Speaking of user-friendly, it is worth mentioning that the utility dedicates a significant portion of its interface to providing you with details about its role and how to use it. As indicated, to prevent applications from resetting their configurations you solely need to mark them and the changes are applied automatically.

Does not require advanced experience to use

Functionality wise, the utility is as simple as it gets and the only things you need to do is mark the component that regularly gives you trouble. The app focuses primarily on the main Windows 10 utilities, namely Microsoft Edge, Mail, Photos, Movies & TV, Groove Music and 3D Builder.

If you want to undo the changes, then you can just unmark the utility. In the eventuality that you are not sure what to block, then you can just mark all applications and unblock them once you completed the update. By doing so, you can be certain that the file associations you set remain unchanged.

A tool for preventing erroneous file association

In case you grew tired of having to fix your operating system after each update and would like to make sure that the applications’ settings remain as you configure them, then perhaps Stop Resetting My Apps could lend you a hand.



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