Portable ShotCut 24.01.28 (x64) Multilingual




Shotcut Portable is a simple and user-friendly video editor that offers a series of features and functions to help you adjust and retouch your favorite movies, in just a few clicks of your mouse.

The application supports various video, audio and even image formats, so you can work with any type of media you want. The ‘Multi-format Timeline’ enables you to mix and match resolutions as well as framerates throughout an editing project. You can analyze the video frame by frame, allowing you to correct or enhance its every aspect.

Another interesting feature of Shotcut is the fact that it opens and plays MLT XML as clips, so you can even use this application to test such files. In addition, Shotcut allows you to create and play MLT XML playlists, that you can easily encode or stream to a preferred network.

The application also provides you with a number of video filters, such as ‘Blur’, ‘Color Grading’, ‘Crop’, ‘Glow’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Rotate’, ‘Saturation’, ‘Sharpen’, ‘White Balance’ enabling you to fully customize the appearance of your movie, while the ‘Color Wheels’ can be used for color correction and grading.

Moreover, Shotcut enables you to work with a set of audio filters, namely ‘Balance’, ‘Gain’, ‘Pan’, that can prove useful in adjusting several sound issues in your file.

The ‘Encode’ component makes it possible for you to convert your video to numerous output formats, such as M4A, MXF, VOB, FLV, MP4, M2T, MPG, AVI, MOV, OGG, WEBM, and others.

After finishing with the various editing processes that you want to perform on your video, you can stream it using the network protocol scheme, address port and parameters as an URL address.

Shotcut is a comprehensive and efficient media editing tool that offers basic as well as more complex functions, some of which go beyond those of many similar applications, that you can use with confidence.

– supports oodles of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg (or libav as-built)
– supports many image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF as well as image sequences
– no import required – native editing
– frame-accurate seeking for many formats
– multi-format timeline: mix and match resolutions and frame rates within a project
– network stream playback (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP)
– frei0r video generator plugins (e.g. color bars and plasma)
– Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI for input and preview monitoring
– JACK transport sync
– deinterlacing
– detailed media properties panel
– recent files panel with search
– drag-n-drop files from file manager
– save and load trimmed clip as MLT XML file
– load and play complex MLT XML file as a clip
– audio signal level meter
– volume control
– scrubbing and transport control
– flexible UI through dock-able panels
– encode/transcode to a variety of formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg (or libav as-built)
– capture (record) SDI, HDMI, webcam (V4L2), JACK, PulseAudio, IP streams, X11 screen
– stream (encode to IP) files and any capture source
– batch encoding with job control
– create, play, edit, save, load, encode, and stream MLT XML projects (with auto-save)
– unlimited undo and redo for playlist edits including a history view
– connect to Melted servers over MVCP TCP protocol
– control the transport playback of Melted units
– edit Melted playlists including suport for undo/redo
– OpenGL GPU-based image processing
– multi-core parallel image processing (when not using GPU and frame-dropping is disabled)
– video filters: Blur, Color Grading, Crop, Diffusion, Glow, Invert Colors, Mirror, Opacity, Rotate, Saturation, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Size and Position, Stabilize, Text, Vignette, Wave, White Balance
– audio filters: Balance, Copy Channel, Downmix, Gain, Normlize, Pan, Swap Channels
– 3-way (shadows, mids, highlights) color wheels for color correction and grading
– eye dropper tool to pick neutral color for white balancing
– UI translations: Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Portugese, Spanish (not all 100%, but you can help)
– HTML5 (sans audio and video) as video source and filters
– Leap Motion for jog/shuttle control
– DeckLink SDI keyer output
– UI themes/skins: native-OS look and custom dark and light
– control video zoom in the player: fit viewable area (default), 50%, original (100%), and 200%
– multitrack timeline with thumbnails and waveforms
– thumbnail and waveform caching between sessions
– audio mixing across all tracks
– video compositing across video tracks
– trimming (on timeline)
– append, insert, overwrite, lift, and delete (ripple) editing on the timeline
– 3-point editing
– external monitoring on an extra system display/monitor
– fade in and out audio and fade video from and to black with easy-to-use fader controls on timeline
– cross-fade audio and video dissolve transitions easily by overlapping shots on the same track of the timeline
– video wipe transitions: bar, barn door, box, clock (radial), diagonal, iris, matrix, and custom gradient image

What’s NEW in ShotCut Portable:

  • Fixed distort mode in Size & Position GPU filter.
  • Fixed zombie values in Time Remap filter while working with keyframes.
  • Fixed saving B frames in custom Export preset with hardware encoder.
  • Added support for multiple selection to Split At Playhead.
  • Added Timeline > Edit > Split All Tracks At Playhead Shift+S.
  • Added Edit > Undo and Redo support for adding, removing, changing, and disabling Filters.
  • Fixed 10-bit Export with NVENC (NVIDIA) encoders.
  • Fixed proxy generation failing with NVENC if Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder is on.
  • Fixed toggling Export > Use hardware encoder resets all options to defaults.
  • Fixed Export > Each Playlist Item > Directory incorrectly shows a filename.
  • Changed the name of the Declick time filter to Declick Audio.
  • Fixed intermittent crash moving a clip on the Timeline.
  • Fixed Playlist > Select All and Remove All are disabled until selection changes.
  • Added Player > Loop \\ and Player > Set Loop Range to the menu and player controls.
  • Changed the player controls to automatically adapt to 2 rows so the In Point and Selected Duration show more reliably.
  • Fixed some filter parameters’ sliders may overflow using new keyframe easings that over- or under-shoot.
  • Added Timeline > Edit > Nudge Forward . and Nudge Backward ,.
  • Added Pause and Resume to the context menu in Jobs.
  • Changed the low memory warning dialog to automatically close itself when the free memory becomes high enough.
  • Changed the low memory detection to automatically pause and resume a currently running job as the free memory becomes too low and then high enough again.
  • Added Settings > Backup with options for:
    • Manually
    • Hourly
    • Daily (default)
    • Weekly This creates a backup of the current project file in a manner similar to File > Backup and Save except it is automatic now unless Manually is chosen.
  • Added File > Other Versions sub-menu that tries to find similarly-named project files in the same folder create by Shotcut backup or recovery mechanisms.
  • Added Timeline > Selection > Group/Ungroup Ctrl+G. This is basically a saved multi-selection system. So, the operations it supports are all those available for multiple selection. That does not include trim, Filters, or Properties at this time.
  • Changed Timeline > Detach Audio to automatically create a group.
  • Added Settings > Player > Audio API on Linux and Windows. Basically, this makes the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option available in the Settings menu.
  • Added a Previous button to View > Application Log dialog that goes to the log file created by the previous app session. Now, on startup, Shotcut makes a backup of shotcut-log.txt to shotcut-log.bak.
  • Added a Copy button to all text viewer dialogs that does the same thing that the non-obvious Select All and Copy actions in the context menu.
  • The Jobs log viewer now updates automatically and scrolls to the end if it is left open while a job is running.
  • Fixed a crash in Playlist > menu > Add Selected to Slidewhow when something is playing.
  • Changed the Slideshow Generator to remember all options.
  • Fixed Layers > New > Emoji is disabled in Glaxnimate on Windows.
  • Fixed a possible crash in Timeline > Split or trim actions if the clips have certain filters with keyframes.
  • Fixed some bugs in Undo after moving clips on the Timeline.
  • Fixed proxy generation failing for videos with full range color on macOS with Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder turned on.
  • Made the splitter between UI panels easier to find and grab to drag.
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening project.



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