Portable RepairKit 1.0.2



RepairKit Portable aims at offering a package that provides users with a dedicated system repair engine, as well as quick access to several OS features, and several other PC maintenance software bundled with it.

After the swift installation process, I was met with a clean interface that prompted me to perform an automatic repair process, which I did. A few moments later the app informed me that all the addressed elements were resolved.

This direct approach toward cleaning the system is quite efficient, as it can be a good way for those who don’t want to get too complex with their entanglement in terms of PC maintenance.

In addition to providing such a simple and direct solution through the automated repair module, RepairKit Portable also provides a centralized platform for accessing Windows’ most useful system maintenance features, all joined together under a single, centralized layout, as dedicated shortcuts.

This will allow you to quickly access any Windows features that you might require for PC maintenance, and even more so, the app also bundles a series of third-party apps that can prove to be beneficial for PC maintenance.

If you’re keen on keeping your PC running smoothly and wish to do so in a convenient manner, RepairKit Portable provides a simple and efficient take on that, with an automated repair/cleaning module, as well as access to Windows’ PC maintenance features, and multiple, third-party apps for cleaning and repair.


Automatic Repairs

Automatically perform a comprehensive system cleanup and repair, including:

  • Deleting restrictive system policies
  • Removing pre-installed bloatware
  • Repairing the WMI repository
  • Running registry, service, and settings tweaks
  • Scanning for malware with Windows Defender

Useful Programs

Access essential software tools for system maintenance, including:

  • CPU-Z: Identify your system hardware details.
  • HWMonitor: Monitor hardware temperatures and specs.
  • Autoruns: An alternative to Windows Startup Manager.
  • Process Explorer: An alternative to Windows Task Manager.
  • TreeSize: Analyze and manage disk contents.
  • Everything: An ultra-fast file search engine.
  • FanControl: Configure your system fans and their speeds.
  • NVCleanstall: A lightweight NVIDIA graphics card driver updater.
  • Emsisoft Scan: Scan for malware using Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
  • Sophos Scan: Scan for malware using Sophos Scan & Clean.
  • uBlock Origin: Link to the powerful ad-blocker browser extension.
  • TrafficLight: Link to Bitdefender’s TrafficLight browser extension.

System Shortcuts

Quickly access important Windows utilities like:

  • Apps & Features
  • Startup Apps
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Security
  • Task Manager



Download RepairKit Portable

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