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Have you ever deleted a crucial file by accident? After a computer crash, have you lost any files? Recuva Portable can recover files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player with no issue!

Step-by-step approach and recovery options

You can specify the type of files you are trying to recover, whether they are pictures, music, documents, videos, compressed archives, emails or other types, as well as their last known location.

Recuva Portable can be set up to search a media card or an iPod, as well as My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or any other designated location, as well as the entire system and any associated devices.

Enable the Deep Scan mode

If previous attempts have been made to recover the respective files but failed, you can enable Deep Scan, which is a thorough scanning process that takes a longer time.

Recuva can be used without the use of the simple wizard by advanced users.
They simply need to choose the drive, scanning mode (for files or contents), and file type.

Scan results

When results are displayed, you can view the current state of each file by checking out the bullet color (green – excellent, orange – poor, red – unrecoverable). Plus, you can view useful information about each file, such as size, last modification and access time, comments, number of clusters allocated at offset, number of overwritten file clusters, and hex mode.

File recovery can take a long time (depending on the file’s size and status), and Recuva Portable warns that having the output destination on the same drive reduces the chances of a successful recovery.

Secure deletion operations

Additionally, you can overwrite files, which means they will be completely deleted. However, this doesn’t always work on files with red bullets (Recuva tells you if the operation was a success or not).

Recuva Portable will erase any remaining sectors and convert the file status to “unrecoverable” if you use it to securely delete overwritten files, but you can still view their contents (these are recoverable too).


Superior file recovery

Recuva can help you recover photos, music, documents, movies, emails, and other types of files. It can also recover data from any rewriteable media you have, including memory cards, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and more!

Recovery from damaged disks

Recuva can recover files from damaged or recently formatted devices, unlike most other file recovery software.Greater adaptability equates to a higher possibility of recovery

Deep scan for buried files

Recuva offers a powerful deep scan option that scours your drives for any remnants of data you’ve removed, which is useful for those difficult-to-find files.

Securely delete files

You may want to delete a file permanently at times. Recuva’s secure overwrite feature ensures that your data are permanently deleted by employing industry- and military-standard deletion techniques.



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