Portable AXshield VPN 1.0.0




Staying safe in today’s online venture has become a staple in any user’s Internet surfing process, and the growing pool of malware and online threats mandates ever-increasing attention to one’s safety. There are numerous ways to target such requirements, but, by far, VPN clients can offer a high degree of safety and privacy. This is exactly what AXshield aims to provide, through its minimalist approach toward Virtual Private Networks and their capabilities.

Straightforward deployment, followed by simple and accessible handling and operation
Simplicity is key, and this is surely accounted for in AXshield, as both its deployment, as well as subsequent handling and operation are a no-brainer, for sure. We enjoyed the simple approach, and feel that this is ideal for those who do not wish to engage in more complex configuration processes.

Furthermore, selecting a preferred server and connecting to it is also a breeze, and the application even features a basic search field, for browsing additional servers.

Basic VPN client, which manages to cater to the essential requirements when wanting to surf the Internet unhindered
With an emphasis on simplicity, this VPN client offers the bare minimum in terms of the required tools for making sure that your Internet surfing endeavors remain anonymous and safe.


  • AXshield users pay nothing, with no strings attached.
  • AXshield provides all the benefits associated with VPNs without significantly sacrificing speed or slowing down your devices.
  • Stay connected and protected across all of your devices without having to worry about floundering signals or a lack of bandwidth.
  • All incoming and outgoing network traffic is automatically encrypted and sent to secure servers before reaching outgoing networks or your devices.
  • Unlike big tech and for-profit corporations, AXIA does not log or retain the data created by users of AXshield outside of crash logs.
  • AXshield is highly user-friendly: simply download the app for any device and connect to servers around the world via a seamless one-click connection.
  • Another layer of security is delivered via a custom Kill Switch that is built into AXshield in the unlikely event of a connection drop.
  • Shuffle through different IP addresses to enhance your privacy and avoid any type of tracking.



Download AXshield VPN Portable

Download – 53.9 MB