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PingTool Portable is a useful tool for system administrators. It’s more than just a pinging device: PingTool can use Wake-on-Lan to wake up computers, check TCP port availability, scan the network, and much more. PingTool’s objective is quite clear from the start. It’s a program that analyzes ping numbers, checks response times, and verifies the availability of selected IP addresses.

In addition, the developer has integrated a few other capabilities that stem from the app’s primary ping-related function. If you’re searching for simplicity and efficiency while verifying IP addresses, don’t waste your time with other tools.

The program interface

While this is a basic tool in terms of functionality, its aesthetics haven’t been overlooked. On the contrary, it appears that, despite the lack of bells and whistles in its design, all options are presented in logical and orderly drop-down menus. Although it is quite obvious what buttons perform, they might have used a little more labeling.

The first thing you should do is verify the response time of one or more IP addresses. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, go ahead and select a range of IPs. The program will then go on to find any available addresses in that range, color-coding them with green IP strings that have answered to the program’s request.

Other available options

Once an IP address has been chosen, the application lets the user to use Wake-On-LAN instructions to remotely open a machine or to run RDP, HTTP, and Putty on selected objects. If the ping monitor’s purpose is no longer evident, you can uninstall it. Furthermore, the ability to use CMD to run commands like traceroute or ping is fully supported.

PingTool may appear to be one of those basic IP-address response time tools, but it is actually a more advanced version of the concept, with additional features that could be beneficial in a variety of situations. Just make sure you have an IP address to begin your investigation with.

A short overview:

  • Shows permanently the status of network devices (red/green)
  • IP range scan – with MAC addresses and vendors
  • Checks if remote devices answer on specific TCP ports
  • Wakes up computers with Wake-on-Lan
  • Direct access to devices via Telnet, SSH and HTTP(s)
  • Free – for private and business use


The features

Display availability

  • Show the response time of objects in real time (red/green)
  • Acoustical signal (beep) on status change (low tone = OK, high tone = failure)
  • Filter to display only important objects
  • Permanent status logging for subsequent analysis

Port check

  • Check if devices answer on particular TCP ports (ad hoc or permanently)
  • Monitor multiple TCP ports simultaneously (red/green)
  • Displays response time of TCP port requests

Wake-on-Lan (WOL)

  • Wake up computers with Magic Packet
  • Shutdown of remote machines


  • Scan IP address ranges with automatic adding of active devices
  • Mac address discovery with vendor resolution



Download PingTool Portable

Download – 1.8 MB