Portable OnlyOffice v7.1.0.215 Community Edition



Office suite. Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms. Highest compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

An office suite that opens documents, presentations and spreadsheets in different tabs of the same window, providing compatibility with the most popular file formats.

With a visually-appealing interface and intuitive controls, OnlyOffice Portable enables its users to open documents, spreadsheets and presentations or create new ones from scratch. It comes with support for the most popular file formats, even those native to Microsoft’s office suite. Moreover, it can open PDFs, and download HTML or EPUB content.

The ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors application for Windows facilitates the offline editing and creation of Office files while also providing access to the online ONLYOFFICE portals to allow quick file sharing and team collaboration.

Sleek appearance and tab-based GUI

With a visually-appealing interface and intuitive controls, ONLYOFFICE enables its users to open documents, worksheets or presentations or create new ones from scratch. It comes with support for some of the most popular file formats, even those native to Microsoft’s office suite, namely: DOC and DOCX, ODT (OpenDocument), RTF and TXT. Moreover, it can open PDFs, XPS, and DjVu files, and download HTML or EPUB content.

The distinct feature of ONLYOFFICE is the tab-based viewer and editor, which enables users to open multiple documents in multiple tabs of the same window. In other words, it doesn’t require individual applications for text files, presentations and spreadsheet editing, like it happens with most of the other Office suites out there.

Text editor, spreadsheet and presentation creator

Although it does not match the capabilities of Microsoft Word, the text editor comprises a rich feature set that is more than enough for the average user. It comes with font and paragraph customization options, picture and hyperlink insertion, chart creation tools, and a generous collection of shapes, symbols, and buttons one can use to make the document more appealing.

Spreadsheets and presentations can be opened in a separate tab. The presentation editor comprises a basic set of tools for creating and managing slideshows, with a few transition effects and preview.

As for the spreadsheet editor, it includes various types of charts and a generous function collection that should be enough for creating professional-looking statistical reports.

Collaboration and file sharing via an online platform

All the editors in ONLYOFFICE feature their own settings panel and, although the options there are not extensive, they manage to provide a decent set of tools.

Comments can be attached to documents, which facilitates communication and team work. Collaboration and file sharing is possible via the ONLYOFFICE portals but note that, unlike offline editing, this online resource is not cost-free and requires the creation of an account. Nevertheless, the created portal stores all your documents and allows you to share them easily with others.

Although OnlyOffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office, it has its own unique style and it comes with many useful features. The software’s streamlined design allows you to work with text documents, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations faster and easier and you can also switch between them or share everything with your co-workers without any effort.

The first thing that should be mentioned is the fact that OnlyOffice’s components can be accessed directly from the same user interface. Instead of running different executables for text documents, spreadsheets or slideshow presentations, you can create such files instantly, by selecting the corresponding options, on OnlyOffice’s home screen, on its user interface. Regardless of what kind of files you create and how many, you will always work on the same window, but on separate tabs.

Each editor works exactly the way you expect. When editing text, you can make all sorts of font and paragraph settings, change headings and so on. Spreadsheets can be created easily and you can also generate various graphs, charts and diagrams. The presentation editor comes with various presets, so you can focus on arranging your ideas, rather than overthinking the general design.

What’s NEW:

All Editors:

  • Use system scaling option for screen on Windows 10 and later
  • New menu for inserting shapes (with list of recent used)
  • Ability to edit points of a selected shapes
  • Ability to open new diagram types: Pyramid, Bar (Pyramid), vertical and horizontal cylinders, vertical and horizontal cones
  • Ability to crop a selected image to shape
  • Ability to see your file protection password when entering it
  • Support for SmartArt objects without converting into a group of objects
  • New UI language on Windows/Linux (Galego/Galician)
  • New UI languages on macOS (Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Galego, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Lao)
  • Gradient fill icon shows the chosen colors

Document Editor:

  • Ability to convert PDF/XPS files into editable files
  • New toolbar tab: View
  • Ability to accept/reject changes from the context menu
  • Ability to use special symbols when searching within documents
  • Ability to add a period with a double-space
  • Add Chinese/Japanese/Italian language to Watermark settings
  • New viewer for PDF, XPS, DJVU files with major performance improvements All operations are performed on the client side.
  • Ability to use the Page Thumbnails panel and to display the document’s contents on the left sidebar for PDF files
  • Support for external and internal links in PDF opening
  • Ability to use Hand/Select tools in PDF viewer
  • The Document Info section of the Data tab contains information about PDF, XPS, DJVU files

Spreadsheet Editor:

  • Using a built-in preview panel before printing out a spreadsheet
  • New view settings: Combine sheet and status bars, Always show toolbar, Interface theme, Show frozen panes shadow
  • New currencies as per ISO 4217 without needing to change the locale
  • Using tips when working with formulas for tables
  • Ability to set a text qualifier when importing text from TXT/CSV
  • Support for XLSB files for opening

Presentation Editor:

  • New toolbar tabs: Animation, View
  • Animations can be added to the presentation
  • Ability to duplicate slides using the Add slide menu
  • Ability to move a slide to beginning/end using a slide context menu
  • Ability to add a period with double-space


  • Ability to zoom a form


  • All components received countless fixes


Download OnlyOffice Portable

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