Portable Microsoft Edge Remover 2.6



Microsoft Edge Remover, as you might have guessed, is a simple application dedicated to removing your Edge browser from Windows 10 or 11 operating system. The idea behind this program is that several programs come with the system. Your operating system is deeply embedded in the file system structure and will take a long time to clean completely.

If you wish to replace the browser provided with another browser of your choice, you will have to accept that the original browser is still available. With this app, this is no longer a problem.

Simple and user-friendly interface

You can say that this program is made for less knowledgeable users because it has simplified commands. The application also includes a restore point option, which is nothing more than a shortcut to commands within your Windows operating system. While some prefer to go through the rather lengthy and complicated backup creation process themselves, clicking this included button will get you to the same finish line much quicker.

Okay, so you made a backup before trying to remove Edge from your operating system. You should never attempt to modify the structure of your system without ensuring that you have a full backup or at least a restore point.

What are my options?

Any user can remove Edge Chromium, UWP, or both versions if they are present in your operating system files. The whole procedure is simple. When the user clicks the corresponding button, the program notifies the user of its progress. Eventually, you will find that the screen may flicker and the desktop may become unusable for a few seconds. All onboard icons and badges will be removed from your desktop, all internal files will also be searched and removed, leaving you with a browser-free operating system. Install your favorite navigation app and let it be your main app.

Edge Remover is a program that will help users who don’t want to leave things unfinished. In this case, those who want to remove the Edge browser will be happy to know that with the help of this program the original browser on your Windows 10 and 11 installation can be completely removed.

Release Note:

NEW! Removing the GUI and make the script simplifier!
FIX Using the ShadowWhisperer’s way to remove UWP Edge.

ATTENTION! Because of breaking of some apps, Edge WebView will not be removed in this script. Also EdgeUpdate its not removed because updating of Edge Webview and it don’t download Edge.



Download Microsoft Edge Remover Portable

Download – 8.2 MB