Portable Jim’s Toolbox 4.0



With this utility you can fix your Windows Install, diagnose your Windows Install, fix the registry, add functions, fix bugs, quickly install software after a clean install, change the look of your Windows Install. Diagnose and change your network settings . Many quick links to functions which are buried in the Windows Settings and even access to the Windows GOD mode.

Easier access to some functions of interest
The program is meant to facilitate access to some system functions that may otherwise be more difficult to reach. Having quick links to them in a single interface helps both with convenience and efficiency, but what ultimately matters the most is whether these functions can be of use to you.

System Tools is comprised of tools to quickly get you to find out information about your system, as well as some options to repair and restore your computer. You can restore your machine to an earlier restore point, reboot your system in Recovery mode, scan your computer for damaged files, and so on.

Network Tools can help users modify DNS-specific settings, and there’s even a Site Blocker feature to block certain URLs.

More tools for your system
Under Diagnostic Tools, users are provided with some software solutions to consider. Programs that can help you analyze running processes and manage system bootup are offered as solutions, and there’s also an Error Codes Search function that can help you potentially detect a problem’s cause.

Various registry hacks are nested under the Registry Tools tab: add new entries to your context menu for more versatility, and so on.

The Software and Visual sections contain programs that can help enhance both your workflows and your computer, so feel free to take a look and see if there’s something worth getting for your machine.

In conclusion
Jim’s Toolbox is a simple tool that can help some users to manage their system more conveniently. Though most of the tools it provides can already be accessed by the end user without requiring this solution, the program is nevertheless a choice to consider for a beginner user.

Release Note:

- File Transfer tool added to network tools and Linux tools added.
- AIO All in one installer link for runtimes added.
- Explanation added to the AI software links.
- Redesign Network Tools Tab.
- Small mistake fixed in the DNS Change menu.
- File tools tab added to Software.
- Free Commander added to File Tools- Moved Microsoft Powertoys to File tools.
- Chocolatey added to the Batch category as package manager.
- Chocolatey Gui added to Batch/Chocolatey
- Audacious added under File Tools as Music category.
- Warpinator network File transfer tool added.
- Winpinator network File transfer tool added.
- Proxy website link removed.
- 3D Sketchup online added to online tools.
- Visual Tab has been moved to the software tab.
- Disable fast startup added to registry tab.
- System Information groupbox was redesigned.
- Bug fixed in DNS settings.
- Star Menu Replacement option added to Visual Tab.
- Powertoys was removed.
- Google Remote Desktop added to the Diagnostic tab



Download Jim’s Toolbox Portable

Uploadrar – 2.5 MB
RapidGator – 2.5 MB