Portable Hybrid for Windows 2023.12.02.1




Hybrid Portable is a multi platform (Linux/Windows/MacOS (non-ARM)) Qt-based frontend for a bunch of other tools which can convert most input formats to common audio & video formats and containers, see feature list for details.

Combine multiple video processing utilities into a single package, allowing you to convert multiple file types to different media formats, perform markup and mixing operations, and automate tasks normally.

One of the main advantages of Hybrid Portable concerns the range of formats supported. Besides common video files, it can handle VC-1 and AVC raw inputs (as well as all other file types that mplayer and ffmpeg can decode), supports x264, Xvid, VP8 output , x265 and ProRes.

The built-in video encoder can handle multiple encoding modes, each with specific settings (bitrate, constant bitrate factor, etc.), providing compatibility with multiple sets various media, including Blu-ray or AVCHD discs. The audio extraction function can be used to create MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, AC3, DTS and other similar formats. Hybrid comes with many configuration options to meet the needs of more advanced users. You can change the encoding mode, adjust the bitrate, set the tone and entropy encoding mode, resize the loaded image, change the aspect ratio, crop the image manually or Allow the application to do this for you using the ‘auto crop’ function.

Besides, it also has filtering capabilities, helping you to improve the quality of media files before encoding. Among the available options you can find deinterlacing, telecine, color adjustment, sharpening, denoising, horizontal and vertical denoising, transient noise reduction, and more.

The app can handle subtitles and perform tagging operations for video, audio, and subtitle streams, while the built-in chapter editor can help adjust chapter titles and edit video structure. For your convenience, Hybrid includes a task scheduler that helps you automate various tasks.

Hybrid’s feature set makes it a great tool for video processing operations, offering a variety of configuration settings you can experiment with. While these might be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, more experienced users will definitely appreciate them.

Hybrid is intended for advanced users.
It’s not intended to be a tool used by everyone. It’s not intended to please amateurs who need a wizard-like interface. If you don’t know the basics about containers, video formats, etc. Hybrid is not meant for you.

Here’s a general feature list:

  • tagging support for avi/mkv/mp4/mov
  • chapter support for mkv/mp4/Blu-ray
  • subtitle support for mkv/mp4/Blu-ray
  • separated audio-, video-, filter- and ‘a/v-combi’-profiles
  • an integrated bitrate calculator
  • accepts raw VC-1, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP input files
  • manual&automatic creation&pass-through of chapters
  • ability to encode single title/chapters
  • a job/queue based processing system
  • AAC/MP3/AC-3/Vorbis/Opus/FLAC/DTS/PCM/EAC-3 audio encoding using dcaenc/MEncoder/FFmpeg/Aften and different AAC-encoders
  • supported aac encoders: qaac, FDK AAC, faac, fhg, neroaacenc
  • filtering through Vapoursynth, Avisynth (Windows only) and some basic filtering through FFmpeg
  • accepted input: avs and nearly everything that mplayer/ffmpeg can decode
  • supported video output formats: MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264, qsvencc, nvencc, vceencc, ffmpeg nvenc), VP8/VP9 (vpxenc), ProRes (ffmpeg), MPEG-4 HEVC (x265, kvazaar, DivX265, nvencc, qsvencc, vceencc, ffmpeg nvenc), FFV1 (ffmpeg), UT video (ffmpeg), FFvHuff (ffmpeg), AV-1 (aomenc, rav1e)
  • supported audio output formats: dts, ac3, ogg vorbis, mp3, aac, flac, pcm, opus, pass-through
  • supported containers: mov/mp4/mkv/m2ts/webm/avi, Blu-ray or a AVCHD structure
  • audio/video pass-through -> can be used for muxing, tagging, chapter editing
  • a bunch of options to automate stuff


Hybrid Portable Release Note

  • Subs: subtile sorting in SubtitleQueue
  • Mux: tsMuxeR job optimization fixed
  • Vapoursynth: fixed vsTemporalDegrain2 with FilterQueue
  • Vapoursynth: vsQTGMCFilter lossless + masking
  • Vapoursynth: resize before resize
  • Vapoursynth: descale before deinterlacing
  • Vapoursynth: YUV420PH und YUV444PH handling
  • Vapoursynth: vsGradFun,vsFlash3DB supported color spaces
  • NVEncC: weightP is only available when no b-frames are used
  • NVEnc: MREF boolint mixup
  • Mux: mkv subtitle support XX-XX language tags
  • Muxt: tag handling with mp4box
  • NVEnc: nvenc hardware deinterlacing
  • NVEnc: qsvenc hardware deinterlacing
  • Mux: sub language handling
  • Avisynth: addition handling
  • Audio: 24bit audio to flac handling
  • Avisynth: GenericScriptFilter path handling fix
  • Torch/MLRT: Resizer with interlaced content
  • Avisynth: deinterlace RGB handling fixed in compare view
  • Vapoursynth: vsRGBAdjust small fixes
  • Jobs: adjust chapters and length to cut
  • Vapoursynth: soft telecine handling
  • Jobs: mkvversion check
  • Vapoursynth: ReplaceBlackFrames cpu mode fixed
  • Vapoursynth: VIVTC frame rate calculation fixed
  • MLRT: vsRIFEmlrt requires mod32
  • MLSRT: vs-mlrt + masking issues
  • Output: mp4/mkv container par signaling
  • Torch: and CodeFormer
  • Video: hdr setting for svt hevc
  • Vapoursynth: RealCUGAN fix force tile enabling
  • Torch: vsDPIR FilterQueue
  • Vapoursynth: vsTemporalDegrain2 meBlksz vsTemporalDegrain manual overlap size
  • Vapoursynth: gmfss_union with gmfss_fortuna
  • Jobs: chapter handling
  • Avisynth: 444 downsize
  • Video: H.264 check width/height restriction


  • small cosmetic changes
  • HEVC interlaced handling
  • Avisynth: LSFMod, LSF allow YUV420, YUV422, YUV444
  • Vapoursynth: RIFE/RIFEmlrt up to 4.12_lite
  • vsRorsch: vsTorchRIFE up to 4.11
  • Mux: tsMuxer calls
  • Vapoursynth: enabled vsKillerSpots advanced
  • Jobs: allow thd for mp4 muxing
  • Vapoursynth: VSGAN detection
  • Vapoursynth: sRestore havsfunc -> core =1, muvsfunc => linear
  • Input: MakeMKV interlaced handling
  • Vapoursynth: vsVagueDenoise -> vsNeoVagueDenoise
  • Video: avc support 6.0-6.1 levels
  • Vapoursynth: vsMCTemporalDenois no YUV444PS
  • vsmlrt: updated to lates vsmlrt
  • UI: switch to Base-tab if something is dragged into Hybrid
  • Avisynth: add Original/Filtered subtitle when comparing
  • UI: switch to Qt6.6.1 (Windows)
  • Vapoursynth: VSGAN: Allow to apply multiple models, one after the other.
  • DVD: disable DVD reencoding unless Synth is used, due to a bug in mencoder.
  • Vapoursynth: make sure to set scanorder to progressive after deinterlacing/IVTC/ fieldmatching
  • Video: allow aomenc lag-in-frames not just during 2pass encoding


  • Windows addons to GoogleDrive
  • x264: added ‘auto color space / bit depth’
  • Vapoursynth: stepped resize: added “CAS(sharpness=X), “aWarpSharp2(depth=X)”
  • Vapoursynth: vsMotionMask, vsDeScratch, vsRemoveDirtMC, vsReplaceSingle, vsChormNR, vsChormNRcuda,VsFillDuplicateFrames, vsReplaceBlackFrames, vsSoftLight
  • Vapoursynth: vsBwdif NNEDI3,edeint-parameters
  • Vapoursynth: experimental support for vsBestSourc
  • NVEncC: ‘auto’ for b-frame reference
  • NVEncC: ffplayPreview
  • FFvHuff: interlaced support
  • Filtering: crop&resize stepping control
  • Vapoursynth: custom adds ‘requiresColorMatrix’
  • Mux: subtitle passthrough title/name ffmpeg
  • MLRT: DPIRmlrt denoise/deblock
  • Filtering: added ‘overwrite input frame rate’ option
  • Video: DirectSynthLoading for NVEnc&QSVEnc
  • Vapoursynth: more general version of LimitMask through ‘Merge’-option
  • Torch: vsGRLIR support
  • Vapoursynth: TFMBobQ/N



Download Hybrid for Windows Portable

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