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Homebank Portable is a powerful yet user-friendly personal finance management software designed to help users easily manage their finances. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Homebank makes it easy for users to keep track of their expenses, budget their money, and plan their financial future.

One of the key features of Homebank Portable is its ability to import data from various sources. Users can connect the software to their bank accounts and credit cards to automatically import transaction data. This saves users time and effort in manually entering financial information, allowing them to focus on managing their money instead.

Once the data is imported, Homebank Portable provides users with a clear overview of their finances. The software categorizes transactions into different expense categories, such as food, entertainment, and transportation, making it easy for users to identify where they spend their money. Users can also create custom categories and tags to further customize their expense tracking.

In addition to expense tracking, Homebank also allows users to set budgets and savings goals. Users can create monthly or yearly budgets based on their income and expenses, and the software will provide real-time feedback on how close they are to reaching their goals. This helps users stay on top of their spending and avoid overspending.

Another useful feature of Homebank is its ability to generate reports and charts. Users can view their financial data in different formats, such as pie charts, bar graphs, and line charts. This makes it easy for users to visualize their spending patterns and identify areas where they can cut back on expenses.

Homebank also offers a range of tools to help users plan their financial future. For example, users can use the software’s loan calculator to determine how much they can afford to borrow for a mortgage or car loan. They can also use the retirement planning tool to estimate how much they need to save to retire comfortably.

Security is also a top priority for Homebank. The software uses industry-standard encryption to protect users’ financial data. Users can also set up password protection and two-factor authentication to further enhance security.

Overall, Homebank Portable is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take control of their finances. Its intuitive interface, powerful features, and customizable options make it easy for users to track their expenses, set budgets, and plan for the future. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Homebank is a valuable tool for managing your money.

HomeBank Features

Import & Export data

Import from many formats: Easily import your accounts from Quicken or Microsoft Money and many other financial management programs. Supported file formats include QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV.
Duplicate detection: HomeBank will detect and identify the duplicate transactions and will enable you to choose what to do.
Export: Easily export your accounts to QIF format and various data parts to CSV format.

Analysis tools

Dynamic reports: Various reports will deliver the information you need at your fingertips using dynamic powerful reports with nice 2d charts.
Quick & easy: Easily adjust the report parameters with some presets, or get more fine results with filtering by every transaction fields.
Various reports: Repartition or time reports, you will find one to analyze what you are looking for. Also, track the budget, or check the balance for any overdrawn, even knows your vehicle costs and fuel consumption.


Month / Annual budget: Set a budget to each category with the same amount or different amount per month.
View non-budget: Force the view of some categories into the budget report as well.
Import/Export: Import/export the budget into CSV files.
Beautiful charts: The charts available are bars, lines, and pie. The design was inspired from google analytics and you can change the x-factor dynamically and also the color scheme.


Scheduled transactions: Easily turn any transaction into a repeating event (like those darn utility bills!).
Category split: Split the amount of a transaction into several categories.
Internal transfer: Easily transfer money between accounts which can be automated.
Quick seizure: Quickly transform any transaction to a template that simplifies the seizure of common transactions, or inherit from an existing transaction.
Multiple field edition: You can easily change every value for several transactions at once.
Small icons: Enjoy the icons for payment mode and transaction status, plus the additional pay mode field.
Tag field: Tag your transactions for another analysis axis.
Remind this: Put any transaction in a remind state to keep an eye on debt you have or people have to you

Categories & Payees

Automatic assignment: Define some rules and HomeBank will assign payees and/or categories for you.
Direct add: Add new categories and payees directly from the transaction register.
Auto-completion: Never get lost if you have thousand of payees or categories, HomeBank will find it with the first letters.

Main Features:

  • Cross platform, supports GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
  • Import easily from Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money or other software
  • Import bank account statements (OFX/QFX, QIF, CSV)
  • Duplicate transaction detection at import
  • Multiple currencies, with online update
  • Automatic cheque numbering
  • Automatic category/payee assignment
  • Various account types : Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability
  • Scheduled transaction, with post in advance option
  • Transaction template
  • Category split
  • Internal transfer
  • Simple Month/Annual budget
  • Dynamic powerful reports with charts
  • Vehicle cost
  • Translated in around 56 languages

Release Notes:

 * change: budget report added sign on categories like in manage dialog
 * change: budget report only display fulfilled for budegt category
 * bugfix: forecast was sometimes faultly done for excluded/closed account
 * bugfix: date range 'last 12 months' start was not set to 1st day of -12 months
 * bugfix: #2045299 'install for me only' end with error message when creating optional desktop shortcut
 * bugfix: #2043886 portable version could prevent to store recent-file
 * bugfix: #2043433 chart drill down Category link is not translated
 * bugfix: #2043385 budget report forced displayed subcategories can have no parent
 * bugfix: #2043366 budget forced category remains displayed with exp/inc filter
 * bugfix: #2043223 budget report fulfilled column badly rounded display 99% vs 100%
 * bugfix: #2042676 accound dialog exclude from any report do not refresh the graph after close
 * bugfix: #2020181 mate: only french flag for payment icons 
 * wish  : #2042699 chart drill down shows the cat total when drawing subat
 * wish  : #2042683 assigment rule dialog to be wider and/or size saved



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