Portable Hidden Windows 10 Features 1.3.1


Windows 10 also like previous Windows versions have many useful features that are hidden. These features can be enabled by editing Windows registry. Manual editing of Windows registry is long and not so easy process. With Hidden Windows 10 Features Portable hidden features are available with one click. This one brings new feature that allows export settings and import it to another computer. It can be also used as backup when settings are changed.

Hidden Windows 10 Features allows to add items such as Recycle bin, Control panel, Administrative Tools, Printers to This PC.
Context menu can be extend by items Copy to, Move to, Open with Notepad for all files.

This one also contain features to improve security of Windows by Disabling autorun, Disabling Windows Script Host, Enabling secure sign in with CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

Hidden Windows 10 Features Portable can return back some features from Windows 7 such as Restore previous volume control, Calculator and also can hide/remove functions from current Windows 10 like Hide Action Center, Remove OneDrive from File Explorer, Disable Cortana.

Next features are Disable aero shake, Add GodMode folder to the desktop, Stop Windows from adding “- Shortcut” to shortcut file names. All these and more functions are available with Hidden Windows 10 Features.

What’s NEW:

  • Added – Add Registry editor to Control Panel
  • Minor improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


Download Hidden Windows 10 Features Portable

Download – 6.4 MB