Portable GFX Memory Speed Benchmark



GFX Memory Speed Benchmark is a lightweight application that allows users to keep track of their computer’s performance regarding GFX and RAM read and write speeds in an easy way.

The main window has a simple user interface and includes all of the program’s major functionalities, giving users rapid access to them. General testing options, such as memory allocation size and number of sizes, are displayed in the topmost area. This part can be customized to the user’s preferences and is also where the benchmark is launched.

Each of the attributes for which this program provides benchmarking assistance has its own category. The functions of GFX Memory Test and System RAM Test, such as memory allocation, freeing, writing, and reading, are available to users. However, allocating memory for both the GFX and RAM components is essential before executing the benchmark.

The event log in GFX Memory Speed Benchmark allows users to get extensive information about each process. For example, when the application is launched, it displays basic information about the graphics adapter, such as the manufacturer, model number, and texture memory available.

Following the completion of each test, the program logs the events that occurred and presents them in chronological order in the log area.
Users can locate system RAM and GFX reading and writing speeds among the data (milliseconds and MBS per second).

This tool records the maximum values for each of the parameters and shows them in the dedicated areas before starting the benchmark.
Write and read values for GFX RAM and SYS RAM are included in the specified data

All options are on a single screen, making the application easy to use. You can choose from various memory allocations, number of passes, and how these settings are applied to the GFX and/or system RAM. You can then reclaim the memory or read and write to the GFX and system memory.

The tests are completed promptly. It’s a good tool to compare your memory speed to others’, or to isolate poor memory if you notice speed concerns. Diagnosing memory issues on a graphics card can be tricky, so this could be useful in that regard


Download GFX Memory Speed Benchmark Portable

Download – 1.3 MB